BINARY is a school club for Computer Science students in BINUS INTERNATIONAL. Started as a group of Computer Science students batch 2013, BINARY (BINUS INTERNATIONAL Computer Society) was finally established in February 2010 as a means to strengthen the bond among Computer Science students.

As the oldest faculty in BINUS INTERNATIONAL, the faculty of Computer Science comprises students ranging from all batches. Due to different study schedules, each Computer Science student may not be acquainted with the other well. Thus, BINARY comes to the action in the attempt to strengthen the relationship between Computer Science students. BINARY acts as a gateway that connects each batch in a more intense manner. Furthermore, BINARY aids the members by providing Computer Science students with useful knowledge and experiences which may help them in their studies in college as well in their future careers.

BINARY is responsible for organising its annual event, BINGO (Binus International Game Olympics). BINARY also holds various events and seminars to help support and enrich its members on multiple topics and interests.

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