Career Outlook

What are your prospective career paths?

Career Path 1: Designing and implementing software.

This refers to the work of software development which has grown to include aspects of web development, interface design, security issues, mobile computing, and so on.

Career Path 2: Devising new ways to use computers.

This refers to innovation in the application of computer technology. A career path in this area can involve research work; it can involve entrepreneurial activity ; or it can involve a combination of the two.

Career Path 3: Developing effective ways to solve computing problems.

This refers to the application or development of computer science theory and knowledge of algorithms to ensure the best possible solutions for computationally intensive problems (e.g. Data Scientist, Business/Computer Analyst)

Career Path 4: Planning and managing organizational technology infrastructure. 

  IT Infrastructure Specialist, Computer Security Engineers/Analysts


Career Outlook

Computer Science graduates are in a position to gain employment as computing professionals in a number of fields, such as systems analysis and design, software engineering, applications software development (enterprise and mobile), network computing (forensics and security), and multimedia production, including graphics, animation and games. Graduates may join commercial organizations, government institutions, financial institutions, telecommunication companies, IT companies, or other organizations. The career opportunities are unlimited for Computer Science graduates.

A wide range of career opportunities in IT and computer industry is introduced in which students will be prepared throughout the four years of study. The integrated curriculum is designed and developed to support students in building on their technical and non-technical skills as well as engaging with the industry. Typical starting career positions include:

  • Web developer
  • Software engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Computer security professional
  • Multimedia systems developer
  • Games developer
  • Technical artist
  • Database developer
  • IT sales engineer
  • Business application developer
  • IT project planner

Since computer science graduates are considered as engineers, they are also in a position to obtain employment as professionals in non-IT fields, including sales, marketing, and management. Thus the career opportunities are unlimited for computer science graduates.

The single degree program streams provide an internship program for each student wherein the student may conduct real projects as a practical study within industrial contexts. The program develops the student’s ability to be involved in professional practices, and ethical and organizational responsibilities. Furthermore, the industrial internship program provides students with real experience in the work place and teaches them to cope with the work environment. In addition, series of study/field trips to visiting professionals and industries will be conducted to give good grounds for having a broad overview of the industry. These experiences support individual career aspiration and may provide social and professional networks.

BINUS INTERNATIONAL also provides career support for students by disseminating information on the latest job vacancies, internships, and workshops. This support service can be accessed from