In our fast-paced world, Computer Science (CS) has evolved well beyond basic computer software usage. With the advent of pervasive computing, the latest breakthrough in the tech world, graduates must be equipped to comprehend, create, and support practical computing solutions for their own businesses, clients, or employers.

By gaining proficiency in a wide array of information technologies and their applications, students cultivate the skills to plan and oversee the development of diverse applications to meet various needs. They also learn how to craft, create, and implement effective tech solutions using the right platforms, tools, and methods. Our program equips students with the technical, entrepreneurial, and specialized expertise necessary to design and build applications on modern platforms like the Cloud, the Web, and mobile devices, all in the ever-changing landscape of IT.

Our Computer Science program boasts an “A” grade accreditation, the highest level possible for a private higher education program in Indonesia. It’s tailored to furnish graduates with a comprehensive grasp of the theories, techniques, and systems employed by the computing industry. Our graduates are not just knowledgeable and imaginative; they possess excellent programming abilities, the capacity to conceive, execute, and sustain innovative software systems, and the adaptability to stay ahead in the constantly evolving IT realm. The program provides double degree and intensive specialist courses in interesting computing areas such as:

·  Pervasive Software Engineering ·  Games Design and Programming
·  Cloud and Distributed Systems ·  Advanced Games Design and Programming
·  Human Computer Interaction ·  Technopreneurship
·  Web Application Development and Computer Security ·  Intelligent Systems·  Data Science
·  Computer Networks and Security·  Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing ·  Computer Graphics·  Network Forensics

Students embark on an exciting learning journey, exploring various cutting-edge approaches, like blended learning, hands-on experiences, student-focused classes, flipped classrooms, and creative spaces. They’re not just students; they’re future entrepreneurs. Through courses like Project Hatchery and Entrepreneurship Hatchery, students dive into tech-driven education, arming themselves with the skills and know-how to bring their ideas to life and market them.

The curriculum doesn’t stop at books and lectures; it’s a springboard to your future. With the 3+1 program, students can pick from launching a startup, gaining work experience through internships, diving into research, or contributing to community development. It’s all about tailoring your final year to your dreams.

But there’s more to this adventure. In an internationally diverse environment, students collaborate on global projects and earn professional certifications in key IT fields. It’s not just education; it’s a launchpad for your career.

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