In this fast-moving era, Computer Science (CS) has gone beyond the simple use of computer software. With the third wave of computing (pervasive computing), the most recent advancement in the computing and technology field, graduates need the ability to understand, create, and support applied computing solutions for their own businesses, their clients, or their employers. This program encourages and challenges students in the areas of:

  • General CS, and
  • Pervasive Games Technology

In becoming familiar with a broad range of information technologies and how they are used, the students develop the ability to specify and manage the implementation of a wide range of applications to support various needs and the ability to design, develop, and implement viable technological solutions using appropriate platforms, tools, and techniques. The program provides the students with the technical, entrepreneurial, and specialized skills needed to develop and design applications across modern platforms, such as Cloud, the Web, and mobile, in a rapidly changing IT environment.

The Computer Science program has an “A” grade accreditation – the highest level of accreditation that can be given to a private higher education program in Indonesia – and it is designed to provide graduates with a thorough understanding of the theories, methods, and systems used by the computing industry. It produces graduates who are knowledgeable and creative, who have excellent programming skills, who are capable of designing, implementing, and maintaining innovative software systems, and who are readily adaptable to new advances in the rapidly changing IT environment. The program provides double degree and intensive specialist courses in interesting computing areas such as:

·  Pervasive Software Engineering ·  Games Design and Programming
·  Cloud and Distributed Systems ·  Advanced Games Design and Programming
·  Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction ·  Technopreneurship
·  Web Application Development and Computer Security ·  Intelligent Systems·  Data Science
·  Computer Networks and Security·  Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing ·  Computer Graphics·  Network Forensics

Students experience a vast range of innovative learning processes, from blended learning to experiential; student centered, flipped classroom, and Hackerspace/Makerspace. Students get the opportunity to be future entrepreneurs by getting engaged in a series of entrepreneurial courses (Project Hatchery and Entrepreneurship Hatchery), which focus on technology and provide them the necessary skills and knowledge to create and market their work.

The curriculum also provides a scheme and platform whereby through the 3+1 program, students may choose from creating a startup company, internship, research, or community development work that is suitable for their future goals in the final year of their studies. Students benefit from having an internationally recognized curriculum in an internationally diverse environment, get an opportunity to work on international projects, and attain professional certifications in major areas of the IT industry that will enable them to be successful in their careers.

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