At BINUS International, we apply innovative ideas to deliver impact and benefits to the global community. Fostering productive collaborative relationships with industry is crucial to achieving these outcomes. Connect with world-class expertise, innovations and infrastructure by collaborating with Industry.

Our industry partners at a glance:

PAYFAZZ is a financial technology development company that empowers Indonesians to become a part of change to access digital financial services to meet their daily needs and use them as business opportunities. The technology developed by PAYFAZZ is an agency-based financial platform that is a payment solution for the Indonesian people, especially people who still do not have a bank account or are unbanked.



Jasasistem is one of the most advanced teams in Jakarta. Their handle Websites and System Development works, Mobile Applications as well as Branding & Design. Jasasistem’s mission is to let clients envision their dream, and help make it happen.


imagesKummara game studio is the first game design/consultant company in Indonesia that focus on serious games design and create gamification concept for various activities. Our works have been used and implemented in many fields, such as: education, marketing, healthcare, research, and corporate learning

Kummara Game Studio


nvidiaGPUNVIDIA’s Academic Programs Team is dedicated to empowering and collaborating with professors and researchers at universities worldwide. We aim to inspire cutting-edge technological innovation and to find new ways of enhancing faculty research as well as the teaching and learning experience.

NVIDIA Grant Program


Image result for apple academy binusThe Apple Developer Academy @BINUS is Asia’s first ever initiative to empower Indonesia’s economy by creating world-class developers for the world’s most innovative and vibrant app ecosystem. The 9-month academy program aims to attract students 18+ across Indonesia from a wide range of backgrounds. Our curriculum is designed to support not only those with coding or computer science experience but also those interested in areas such as design and business. It challenges students to apply themselves in real-world issues via application design, development, and startup creation. It also emphasises creativity and collaboration which are skills needed for success. This program will be delivered in both Bahasa Indonesia and English.

APPLE Academy Developer