BEEJAY: Smart Security System

My name is Bernardus Jeffry

I am here because to introduce BEEJAY, a smart security system




“Have you ever worried about your house when you leave to work?”

“Do you always feel anxious every time you are on your holiday and wondering if someone might come and rob your house?”

“Have you ever hoped for an easy way to observe and protect your house?”

Our Solution Prototype:


BEEJAY is a house security system that will cover the security of your house leaving you at ease knowing that your house will be safe in our hand.

WHY BEEJAY? BEEJAY guards your house 24/7 regardless your presence in the house. BEEJAY will alert you and all your family members about anything that is happening in your house.

We try to implement the newest technology that will help securing your home.


  • Realtime Security Alert
  • Live CCTV Stream
  • Automatic Door Unlock

Detail info: Final Report