Developing AI Bots with Minimax Algorithm for Surakarta Board Game

Radisa H. Rachmadi; Rainamira Azzahra; Rayhan A. Darmawan; Patrick A. Nigo; Nunung N. Qomariyah

Surakarta Board Game is a traditional Indonesian board game that has been forgotten all over the world, especially in Indonesia where it originally came from. This game is still in its early stages of development, even though this game has been published through a book by Sid Sackson since 1970. Due to this we wanted to create an AI for this game in order to raise awareness of this beautiful Indonesian board game. Therefore, we were able to develop and create a simple Surakarta Board Game AI player implementing the Minimax algorithm. Minimax is a well-known decision-making and game-theory technique for finding the best move for a player, given that the opponent likewise plays optimally. Additionally, in this paper, we investigated the performance of our developed AI player including the chance of winning and the time taken for each game. Several experiments were carried out by opposing AI with a random player. Through developing this game, we will be able to help the survival of Indonesian culture.