10 Most Wanted Majors 2021 with High Paying Income

When choosing a major, of course, a number of considerations are needed. Starting from job prospects, accreditation, to tuition fees.

In order to find out which majors have good potential for a career, the mydegreeguide.com site provides a number of lists. This is a row of the most sought-after majors as well as the salary they get.

10 Most Wanted Majors in 2021 and Salaries You Can Get

1. Petroleum Engineering

Although it may be rare to know, the income for a Petroleum Engineering graduate can be very high. With a competitive industry, salaries for these graduates can reach around 20 million rupiah. If you work abroad, the salary is even up to hundreds of millions.

2. Economy

An economist’s degree is often the most sought after major. Majoring in economics while in college can sharpen your skills in data analysis and knowledge of finance.

And because this major is needed all the time, many companies are willing to pay up to tens of millions of rupiah for an economics graduate.

3. Game Design

Game Design majors are not only unique, they can also be very interesting for game lovers. This course is relatively new and is growing in popularity due to industry demand. A Game Design graduate can earn around tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of rupiah.

4. Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Department is one of the most sought after by prospective students. Civil engineering graduates can work in the construction of roads, airports, sewers, and other public facilities. The salary of these graduates can reach around tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

5. Physics

The Department of Physics opens up many opportunities for its graduates. Apart from working in research facilities, one can also work as an engineer. Salaries for physics graduates abroad can reach around hundreds of millions of rupiah.

6. Computer Science

Computer Science is one of the most popular majors in technology in 2021. In the future, opportunities for this major will continue to open up for both companies and nonprofits. Computer Science graduates abroad can earn up to around tens of millions of rupiah.

7. Chemistry

In the field of science, chemistry is one of the most popular. Chemistry graduates are needed for various sectors. The highest salary for this graduate is around tens of millions of rupiah.

8. Mechanical Engineering

Because it is one of the most sought after majors in the future, a Mechanical Engineering graduate can be paid up to around hundreds of millions of rupiah. Moreover, technological advances also support this.

9. Public Administration

One of the reasons why majoring in Public Administration is in high demand is because of the increasing involvement of young people. Thus, the need for public administrators is also increasing.

Public Administration is one of the fastest growing majors worldwide. Abroad, the salary of graduates can reach around hundreds of millions of Rupiah.

10. Information Technology

Along with the rapid development of the digital world, choosing a major in Information Technology can provide many opportunities. There are a variety of jobs in this field, such as programming, cybersecurity or software development. Not surprisingly, graduates can be paid up to tens of millions of rupiah.

These are the most sought after majors, have good opportunities, and can get high income.


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