AI-based Telemedicine to fight against COVID-19

This year 2021, our Faculty Members in Computer Science Program, Ms. N. Nurul Qomariyah, Ph.D and Mr. Ardimas Andi Purwita, S.T., M.T. Ph.D and Our Students, Gardyan Akbar, Arkaan Ashandi, Fiqhy Bismadhika and Nicholas have a collaboration with University of York to conduct a research under support of Newton Fund Institutional Links Grant Program.

Ms. Nurul and her team have been conducting a research project with title “AI-based Telemedicine for COVID-19 Patients”.

This research project aims to contribute to the global effort against the COVID-19 pandemic through the collection of patients’ data that would support and the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms capable of pinpointing patients at an increased risk of severe complications through automated monitoring at a distance.

The AI involved also has the potential to identify aspects of the patients’ condition that can inform medical decisions even without the use of computers.

The project will will also consult all stakeholders on the design of a use case maximising the expected benefits of such AI-based telemedicine to patients and health care providers in terms of medical outcomes and health costs.

Today, Ms. Nurul has been invited to a special forum discussion for countermeasures of COVID-19 at DKI Jakarta government. Video that you see above is the first stage of their progress that have been shared in the special forum discussion.

Based on the video you could also see a mobile application that could help a people in identifying their conditions through X-Rays / CT-Scan images independently. The system utilizing an AI that could detect the Covid-19 from uploaded lung’s images.

In the future, this mobile application can also be used to detect the Covid-19 from blood test result. Looks cool isn’t it?

Stay tuned for next update…