Android Adventure Quest : Android Basics

Hi Android Enthusiast! Welcome back to the fifth session of Android Adventure Quest, we are going to cover the basics about Android.

In this session, DSC Binus International brings you a chance to learn how to make programs on the Android platform and familiarizing yourself with Kotlin where all of you can create apps for Android using Kotlin. Not only to learn, but you have a chance to play games and win a prize!

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  • Ravel Tanjaya

    Ravel Tanjaya

    Binus University International

    Technical CORE Member


Saturday, Feb 20
1:30 PM – 3:45 PM (WIB)


1:30 PM Recap by MC
1:35 PM Creating your first App
2:45 PM Discussion
3:15 PM Games
3:45 PM Closing

More detail please visit this link