Faza Subandrio

Life, uh finds a way (Faza Subandrio, Communication Journalism 2016)

I’m quoting Jeff Goldblum’s character from Jurassic Park: “Life, uh, finds a way”. It’s self-explanatory.

I’ve applied this mantra in my daily life, “With great power comes great responsibility” that’s an undying wish from Uncle Ben to his nephew, Peter Parker/Spider-Man. But what surprised me the most is – this mantra applies my university years, and forged me for what I am as a student and a person.

Whenever I think about my most memorable moment in my university career is meeting an ex-journalist and 24/7 photographer, Erwin Ramedhan. While most people teaches me how to use a camera, Erwin, however, teaches how to be a real photographer. Props to him!

Honestly, school activities were not attractive to me, but I was driven by my own boredom. At first, I would care less about any competition; however, I gave it a whirl. My first competition was a photography competition conducted last year by Camera in Action (CIA); which I won first prize by submitting my photo of an airplane – passed by overhead – while I was waiting a shuttle outside of Binus JWC. From there, I learnt dedication and preservation have lead the way. And ever since, I’ve been requested by students and lecturers for my photography skill.

I am now in-between freelancing and still focusing on my thesis. But my life-long dream is to work for National Geographic.