Hana Manuela

I aspire to be lifetime learner and learn from others
(Hana Manuela, Communication PR 2016)

I hold a bachelor of communication degree in 2017, however I’ve already began my career since sophomore year (2013). I’ve had internships in banking, media, advertising agency, government and also International organisation.

During my time in Binus International University, I joined an exchange programme in the United States for 7 months and right after that I initiated my own social community and foundation named #diberiuntukmemberi. I have always been active in on & off campus activity such as media hackathon, conference and volunteer in many events & communities. All these experiences were developed during my time in BINUS because my lecturers were always supportive of me. BINUS has been such a big help in expanding my networks especially through its alumni network.

I am currently working as communication officer at ASEAN Foundation, and concurrently manage my own digital marketing agency, @Hi.Wordsmith.