Study Completion Requirements

To complete a major in Communication at Binus International University, students must complete a minimum of 146 SCUs (academic credits). The 146 SCUs are comprised of:

  • 108 SCUs mandatory core courses, required for all students.
  • 32 SCUs of one full year out-of-campus enrichment program.
  • 6 SCUs of final thesis.
Sem Course Name SCU Total
1 Academic English I 3 20
Project Hatchery 2
Introduction to Communication on Science 4
Photography and Basic Videography 3
Public Speaking 4
Writing Fundamentals 4
2 Academic English II 3 20
Introduction to Sociology 2
Theory of Communication 4
Introduction to Journalism and Interview Techniques 3
Introduction to Politics 2
Interpersonal Communication 4
Contemporary Writing 2
3 Character Building: Pancasila 2 23
Entrepreneurship Hatchery 3
Psychology of Communication 2
Introduction to PR and Creative Advertising 4
Workplace Ethics and Behaviour 4
Intercultural Communication 4
Organizational Communication 4
4 Character Building: Kewarganegaraan 2 22
Philosophy and Ethics of Communication 2
Public Opinion 2
Social Design Thinking 4
Theory of Mass Communication 4
Indonesian 4
Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods in Communication Context 2
5 Character Building: Agama 2 23
Mass Communication Research Methods 2
Media Business and Entrepreneurship 4
Streaming: Journalism
Broadcast Journalism and Reporting 6
New Media and Newsroom Management 6
Investigative Journalism 3
Streaming: Public Relations
Creative Agency Industry 3
Crisis Communication and Media Relations 6
Public Relations Publication 6
Streaming: Entertainment Communication
Entertainment Networking and Negotiation 8
Design and Promotion 6
Social Media Content Strategies and Analytics 3
6 Enrichment Program I 16 16
7 Enrichment Program II 16 16
8 Thesis 6 6

Disclaimer: Kindly note that some courses may change over time in order for the program to stay updated and relevant.

Students are also required to complete their SAT (Student Activity Transcript) comprised of:

  • 120 points of activities held by Binus or approved Binus activity within our outside of the campus, and
  • 30 hours of community service

Furthermore, Binus International University require all students to experience, what we call “internationalization” in order to graduate. If you decide to take the single degree program (excluding ISEP Student Exchange Program or Study Abroad Program), Binus International Office provide students to attend the iBuddy program.

Disclaimer: The University will not be held liable for information that is subject to change and reserves the right to alter the content of the external website without prior notice.