Career Outlook

The great benefit of studying Communications is that the program can lead students in all kinds of industries, even those they might have not considered when starting the program.

Students will have the opportunity to encounter hundreds of guest lecturers and professionals in the field to discover traditional, as well as newly created jobs, which require the skills that we offer at BINUS University International.

Main goal of the program is to introduce an abundance of real life examples on how students can merge their personal interests with their future profession.

Students who choose the Communications program will be able to showcase following skills upon completion of their degree:

  • Understanding the value of social media as an integrative part of media strategy
  • Analyzing and understanding the public
  • Public speaking and motivation
  • Creative and effective audio visual presentations
  • Innovative copy-writing
  • Planning flexible media programs
  • Media analytics and advertising valuation

The streamings provided are to guide students in careers such as following:

Public Relations

  • Corporate Communications Specialist
  • Public Relations Consultant
  • Digital Corporate Content Creator
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Advertising Consultant
  • Corporate Events Manager


  • Journalist
  • Television Host
  • Radio Broadcaster
  • Producer
  • Author/Novelist
  • Writer and Performer
  • Digital Content Creator

Entertainment Communications

  • Entertainment Manager/ Talent Agent
  • Events Manager
  • Recording Artist
  • Creative Arts Performer
  • Content Creator
  • Writer and Performer
  • Producer
  • Creative Director