Yosifebi Ramadhani

…all it took was choosing the right support system to assist and guide me in reaching my potential
(Yosifebi Ramadhani, Communication PR 2016)

I’ve always loved public speaking and meeting new people to initiate new, exciting projects. However, I didn’t know how to channel my passion, or who to reach out for. I guess all it took was choosing the right support system that could assist and guide me in reaching my potential, which I definitely found in the Communication program of Binus International. Up until today, I got the wonderful opportunity to become the master of ceremony for Google I/O Extended Jakarta 2015, Tech Media Talk Binus, and seminars with guest speakers such as Anthony Cottan, the COO of Starbucks Indonesia and Anis Uzzaman, the CEO of Fenox Venture Capital. Also, I got to work on public relations program with organisations, such as Liga Mahasiswa.

From these experiences, I continue to learn on how to improve my public speaking skill, such as how to interact with different types of audience or how to deliver the right body language. Also, getting the chance to be involved in several projects really taught me how to work with people professionally. So make sure you find the proper learning environment that will support you in discovering your potential.