Audry Adwiana

Audrey Adwiana Communication PR, 2018 is a Widia Scholarship recipient

I believe that persistency is key as it can bring us to a great height. We have to be persistent in the things that we do and always deliver our best effort in any situation.

During my time in Binus International University, I learnt the art of time management. Reminiscing back to my fifth semester, I had to juggle three responsibilities as a part-time Marketing Communication intern in Maskoolin (@mrmaskoolin), a communication student and a contemporary freelance dancer at Gigi Dance Company. Some of the performances I have been in includes the Grand Hyatt New Years Eve Celebration 2017 & 2018.

Moreoever, I also had the chance to apply my knowledge in Danone Indonesia as a Corporate Communication intern. I was exposed to a variety of external and internal communication projects that triggered my interest in the corporate communication industry!