Positive Vibes Only: Crafting Content with Impact

Poster of the event “Positive Vibes Only: Creating Content with Impact”

The “Positive Vibes Only” mantra is reshaping digital content. Creators are recognizing the impact of optimism and infusing their work with uplifting stories. These approaches are effective in fighting the negative content online.

Those are parts of the discussion hosted by the Communication Program, Binus University International, 25 October 2023. We invited two guest speakers: Ketut Yoga Yudhistira, cofounder of Kokbisa.id, and Jovita Ayu, travel content creator. They shared their experience and tips on how to find creative ideas for social media.

Ketut told stories about how he started Kokbisa.id. Every week, the portal explores the craziest topics in science and technology with light language and fun illustrations. Starting from the AI ​​revolution, asteroid apocalypse, to future pandemic viruses. It successfully attracted more than 5000 subscribers.

To create meaningful content on social media, Jovita said that we must first understand what we can give and what the audience needs. Then can choose whether we want to produce content that is categorized as inspiring, entertaining, educative, or entertaining. By positioning ourselves clearly, we can make content with positive vibes.

In a news cycle often dominated by negativity, consumers actively seek out content that brightens their day. By aligning with this trend, content creators tap into a universal desire for hope and happiness. As a creator, you have the opportunity to be a source of encouragement for your audience and foster a sense of community. So, remember the power of positivity and let it shine through in every word, image, and video you share.


Contributor: Andari Karina Anom

Editor: Andari Karina Anom