Information Systems

About the Program

Rapid advancement in technology together with the global changing lifestyle are demanding more interconnections between individuals, companies and countries. The integration of various systems is running in parallel with the need to distribute information to multi-parties across cultural, geographic, and state borders in more accurate, fast, reliable and secure manner. Information Systems is the interdiscipline that deals with the intelligent application of technology to address business challenges. Information Systems professionals balance technological knowledge with strategic and managerial skills.


Why Study Information Systems at BINUS INTERNATIONAL?

The Information Systems major is designed to provide graduates with a blend of theoretical foundation and practical application, to interact with world-class faculty and students, and to treasure cultural opportunities and diversity. Streaming encourages students to explore their own interests such as project management or information systems auditing. A wide variety of elective courses, contemporary minors, and accelerated master degree programs allow students to take advantage of the many educational opportunities available at Binus International. Dual degree programs offer students an international experience considering the expanding global opportunities in the information systems industry.



Major Streaming Degree
Single BINUS Degree Double Partner Degree Partner University
Information Systems Business Information Technology S.Kom Bachelor of Commerce in Business Information Technology (B.Com) Curtin University of Technology, Australia
International Trade S.Kom Bachelor of Arts in International Trade(BA) Cologne Business School, Germany
Information Technology S.Kom Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
IT Service Science or Information Systems Science S.Kom Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences (BCIS) Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
Information Systems Audit and Assurance S.Kom
Project Management S.Kom
Information Systems General S.Kom
Minor in Accounting S.Kom
Minor in Computer Science S.Kom
Minor in Marketing S.Kom
Minor in International Business S.Kom

Information Systems Curricula

Information Systems Core Subjects Dual Degree
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Information Systems Concept
  • Programming Principles
  • Data Structure and Algorithm Analysis
  • Database Design
  • Database Systems
  • Business Computing Infrastructure & Communication
  • Systems Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • IS Systems Analysis and Design
  • Project Management
  • Corporate IS Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Process Modeling and Simulation
  • Object Oriented Analysis, Modeling & Design
  • Software Development 1
  • Testing and Implementation
  • E-business Concepts & Issues
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Business Communications
  • Linear Algebra for Economics and Business
  • Entrepreneurship

  • Business Technology 250
  • Information Systems Project 391
  • Information Systems Project 392
  • Business Web Technologies 300
  • Business Problem Analysis 300
  • Business Systems Management 300
  • Business Application 300
  • Business Capstone 301  


  • Introduction to International Trade
  • International Trade & Finance
  • International Commercial Law
  • International Business Electives I & II
  • Business Strategy
  • Foreign Language V
  • International Logistic
  • International Taxation Issues
  • E-Commerce
  • Bachelor Thesis

  • Contemporary IS
  • R & D Project

IT Service Science Major

  • IT Service Provision
  • Needs Analysis Acquisition & Training
  • Network & Systems Administration
  • IT Operations Management
  • Information Security Management

Information Systems Science Major

  • Information Modeling & Visualisation
  • Physical Database Design
  • Data Mining & Knowledge Engineering
  • Machine Learning  


  • Professional Practice in IT
  • The Business of IT
  • IT Specialization Option unit
  • Complementary Studies unit
  • IT Capstone Project  
IS Audit and Assurance Project Management Minor Programs
  • IT Governance
  • Protection of IS Assets
  • IT Service Delivery
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • IS Audit workshop
  • Client Relationship Management)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Financial Management for Business
  • Human Factors in IS
  • IT Security & Risk Management  
Minor in Accounting

  • Essential Accounting Courses (5)

Minor in Computer Science

  • Essential CS Courses (4)

Minor in Marketing

  • Essential Marketing Courses (6)

Minor in International Business

  • Essential IB Courses (4)

Career Outlook

Graduates typically join companies as consultants, business analysts, systems analysts, enterprise systems architects, systems programmers/administrators, project managers or IS auditors. With a good background of strategic and managerial know-how, graduates will also have prospects in management positions in IT departments and IT companies.