Life at BINUS

Campus Life

There are more than 100 student organizations in BINUS. They consist of a variety of groups and societies ranging from study program associations, interest communities and activity groups. One of the organizations which is active in BINUS Square is the BINUS Square Student Committee. This student society organizes events that enhances the soft and hard skills of fellow boarders of BINUS Square. Moreover, BINUS organizes extracurricular activities such as lectures from notable people from the industry or partner universities, community impact field trips and many more activities.

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245 classrooms in 7 buildings on our 4 strategically located campuses throughout the city are equipped with air conditioning and ICT infrastructure. Well numbered maintenance and security teams integrate safety into our daily lives.

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There are number of apartments and rental options for accommodation when students study in BINUS UNIVERSITY.

For international students, we recommend and will help with arrangements for housing at our BINUS SQUARE – Hall of Residence. Not only will there be free shuttle services to our multiple campus sites, BINUS SQUARE provides excellent, safe and conducive environment for scholastic and holistic pursuits of campus life, especially for interactions of students from different backgrounds.

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