More than 42 years since its establishment, BINUS is committed to enlightening the nation through higher education. This commitment has turned BINUS UNIVERSITY into a prominent private higher education institution in Indonesia. Many of our students have gone on to become successful professionals and entrepreneurs. We take pride in the innovative work of our students and many of their academic achievements on the national and international stages. These are only a few indicators of the extraordinary success that BINUS UNIVERSITY has achieved.

BINUS offers an industry–needs based curriculum by actively conducting multi–faceted coalitions with foreign universities, world–renowned industries and enterprises such as CISCO, Microsoft, SAP, ORACLE, IBM and many more, as well as bringing Indonesia’s popular lifestyle and culture to other nations.

In 2001, we established BINUS INTERNATIONAL to meet the future needs and the pressure of globalization on businesses and job markets. We add an international flavor into BINUS INTERNATIONAL’s experience, and can serve as an alternative to studying abroad. We provide high quality education by combining BINUS UNIVERSITY’s industry–relevant teaching with international education, through partnerships with reputable overseas universities.

In collaboration with many prominent universities throughout the world, we deliver international experience to our students through student exchanges, twinning programs, short courses, guest lectures and internships. Our university not only is the first university in Indonesia to be ISO accredited, our current investment and relationship with SAP further strengthens our infrastructure to take our institution to greater heights in the 21st century.

We hope this valuable information can provide you with a comprehensive picture of the strength and excellence that BINUS INTERNATIONAL has in preparing its graduates to meet the challenges of the global business era.