Admissions Procedures

Undergraduate Programs (International)
Academic Year 2021/2022


Form Fulfillment

  1. Complete an online registration
  2. Submit a recent photograph (sz. 3 x 4)


Registration Types:

  1. Regular, candidates are high school graduates.
  2. Scholarship, consists of Partial Scholarship and The Widia Scholarship for Outstanding Achievers (Full Scholarship).


Entrance Test (Test Potensi Keberhasilan Studi)

  • Prospective students are required to take an entrance test according to the schedule stated on the Entrance Test Card
  • Prospective students are required to bring the Entrance Test Card, which can be downloaded through the online registration and the required stationery. It is especially for registrants of Graphic Design & New Media and Fashion who must bring drawing tools such as: a 2B pencil, eraser, ruler, etc.
  • Prospective students must wear clean and polite clothing and shoes.
  • Prospective students must be present 30 minutes before the Entrance Test begins.
  • The entrance test results is confidential and final.


Some things to note when joining the Entrance Test:

  1. The Entrance Test Materials are a Non-Verbal Logic & Abstraction Test and a Verbal Test.
  2. Especially for applicants of Graphic Design & New Media and Fashion programs, they will have additional drawing tests for 45 minutes.



BINUS UNIVERSITY only accepts candidates who enroll in accordance to the rules applied in this institution. BINUS UNIVERSITY is also not responsible to any risk that may arise in relation with illegal persons who offer a guaranteed help and service and claim themselves as an “insider” or “related to an insider” in an effort to enter BINUS UNIVERSITY. We suggest that prospective students not be persuaded by a ´promising´ offer from an irresponsible illegal person.


Result Announcement

Prospective students who take the entrance test can check the result via Online Admissions ( ( . If they pass the Entrance Test, the prospective students should complete the re-registration steps through the Online Admissions or directly go to the Admissions office.



The re-registration procedures will be explained in the re-registration guideline after the Entrance Test.


Procedures For New Student´s Resignation and Refund

*The list of Public Universities (PTN) is available at:









For detailed information, please contact our Admission Office at:

The Joseph Wibowo Center
Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6 Senayan
Jakarta 10270 – Indonesia
Phone. (021) 7202222 ext. 3122-3123, 3164
WA. 0821 2265 8937