People Innovation Excellence

Our Faculty

    • Gatot Soepriyanto

      Ph.D. (Monash Univ., AUS), M.Buss in Acc. (Monash Univ., AUS), SE (UGM, INA)
      Professional Designation: Chartered Accountant (CA) – Indonesia, Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) – Australia, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) – USA
      Head of Program
      Key Areas – Corporate Tax Avoidance, Fraud Examination, Assurance and Auditing, Financial Reporting Quality.
      Telephone: +62-21-720-2222 ext: 3159
      Location: Room 401, 4th floor, Binus International, JWC Campus, Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Valentina Tohang

      M.Bus in ERP (Univ of Western Sydney, AUS), M.Bus in Acc (Univ. of Technology Sydney, AUS), SE (STIE Perbanas, INA)
      Deputy, Head of Program
      Key Areas: Corporate Disclosures, XBRL, Business Information Systems, Accounting Information Systems.
      Telephone+62-21-720-2222 ext: 3150
      Location:  Room 401, 4th floor, Binus International, JWC Campus,
      Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Yanthi R.I. Hutagaol

      Ph.D (University of Glasgow, SCO), M.Acc (University of Glasgow, SCO), Ir. (IPB, INA)
      Faculty Member – Subject Content Coordinator
      Key Areas: Capital Market-Based Accounting Research, Earnings Quality, and Initial Public Offerings (IPO).
      Telephone021 – 7202222 ext 3140
      Location: Room 401,4th floor, Binus International, JWC Campus,
      Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Marko S. Hermawan

      Ph.D. (Victoria Univ. Wellington, NZ), MIB (Curtin Univ., AUS), SE (UI, INA)
      Key Areas – Institutional theory, organizational cultures, and behavioral accounting. ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).
      Telephone: +62-21-720-2222 ext: 3150
      Location: Room 401, 4th floor, Binus International, JWC Campus, Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Dewi Fitriasari

      Ph.D. (Aarhus University, DK), M.Si (UGM, INA) Professional Designations: CMA (Australia), CSRA (Indonesia)
      Faculty Member & Business Risk Management RIG Leader
      Key Ares: Sustainability Accounting, Business Risk Management, Managerial Accounting and IFRS Convergence.
      Telephone+62-21-720-2222 ext: 3141
      Location: BI Lecturer Room, 1st floor  Binus University – International, JWC Campus,  Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Toto Rusmanto

      Ph.D (Univ of Wollongong, AUS), M.Comm (Univ. of Wollongong, AUS)
      Faculty Member – Subject Content Coordinator
      Key Areas: Financial accounting, Corporate finance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Audit research.
      Telephone +62-21-720-2222 ext: 3138
      Location : Left Wing, 1st floor, Binus International, JWC Campus,
      Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Rindang Widuri, S.Kom. M.M., Ph.D

      PhD (RMIT University, Australia)
      Faculty Member
      Key Areas: Financial Audit, Accounting Information Systems and Internal Control
      Telephone : +62-21-720-2222 ext: 3138
      Location: BI Lecturer Room, 1st floor Binus University – International, JWC Campus, Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6,

    • ASL. Lindawati

      PhD (University of Wollongong, Australia). M.Comm(Hons, University of Wollongong, Australia), CMA (Australia), CSRA(Indonesia), CBV(Australia) 
      Faculty Member – Lecturer Specialist 3 
      Key Areas: Financial Acoounting, Managerial Accounting, Sustainability Accounting, GCG
      Email: Telephone : +62-21-720-2222
      Location: BI Lecturer Room, 1st floor Binus University – International, JWC Campus, Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6 Jakarta, Indonesia.

    • Rosaline Tandiono

      Master of Commerce(University of New South Wales, Australia), Bachelor of Commerce(Accounting, Trisakti University, Indonesia)

      Faculty Member
      Key Areas: Management Control System, Financial Management
      Telephone : +62-21-720-2222 ext: 3138
      Location: BI Lecturer Room, 1st floor Binus University – International, JWC Campus, Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6,

    • Dezie L. Warganegara

      Ph.D. (University of North Texas, USA)
      Faculty Member – Subject Content Coordinator
      Key Areas: Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Cost Stickiness and Corporate Governance
      Telephone +62-21-720-2222
      Location: Room 402, 4th floor, Binus International, JWC Campus, Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Raymond Bahana, ST., M.Sc


      • MS in Computer Engineering, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.
      • Bachelor Degree (Sarjana Teknik) in Electrical Engineering, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia


      • CS214 Multimedia Systems (2009 – present)
      • CS220 Scripting Languages (2010 -present)
      • CS408 Visual Gaming (2012 – present)
    • Martin Surya Mulyadi

      Ph.D (Bond Business School, Australia) Master of Management (Pelita Harapan University, Jakarta, Indonesia), Bachelor of Economics (Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, Indonesia)
      Senior Lecturer 
      Key Areas: Corporate Governance, Financial Management
      Email :
      Telephone : +62-21-720-2222 ext: 3150
      Location : Room 406, 4th floor, Binus International, JWC Campus, Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Dewi Tamara

      M.M(University of Indonesia), M.Sc. (Marine Science and Technology, Bogor Institute of Agriculture, Indonesia)
      Key Areas: Financial Management, Internal Audit
      Email :
      Telephone : +62-21-720-2222 ext: 3150
      Location : Room 406, 4th floor, Binus International, JWC Campus, Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Dominique Razafindrambinina

      M.A (USSR), M.Sc. (CSUF- USA)
      Faculty Member – Subject Content Coordinator
      Key Areas: Intellectual capital, Economics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Initial Public Offerings,
      Email :
      Telephone : +62-21-720-2222 ext: 3150
      Location : Room 406, 4th floor, Binus International, JWC Campus, Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Marko S. Hermawan

      Ph.D. (Victoria Univ. Wellington, NZ), MIB (Curtin Univ., AUS), SE (UI, INA)
      Key Areas – Institutional theory, organizational cultures, and behavioral accounting. ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).
      Telephone: +62-21-720-2222 ext: 3150
      Location: Room 401, 4th floor, Binus International, JWC Campus, Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Nurianna Thoha, MBA, DBA

      DBA (Curtin), MBA (UofO), Ir (IPB)
      International Business Subject Content Coordinator & Lecturer

      Nurianna Thoha got a Doctoral degree in Business Administration from Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia in 2006. She got a Bachelor Degree in Agro economics from Bogor Agriculture Institute, Indonesia in 1985 and her MBA degree from University of Oregon, USA in 1989. Most of her 28 year career has been spent with Education institutions and Consulting companies in Indonesia. She had teaching experience in wide range of subjects in human resources management, leadership and organizational behavior, and qualitative research at different education levels. She worked at School of Business and Management/SBM ITB as a lecturer and administered Executive MBA Programs at SBM ITB Jakarta campus for four years. She had done some research and wrote articles and papers on Human Resource Management practices in Indonesia, Generation Y motivation, and on Qualitative Research Method and presented them widely at international conferences and seminars.

      Nurianna’s experience in dealing with Government of Indonesia officials has been extensive through her four year engagement with 12 Government of Indonesia Institutions (Ministries and other institutions) and five provincial areas (Aceh, Papua, West Papua, East Nusa Tenggara, and West Nusa Tenggara) while she worked at Australia Awards (previously was known as Australian Development Scholarships) as the Human Resource Development National Manager. Currently she works as a faculty member at International Business/Faculty of Business, BINA NUSANTARA UniversityDuring the last two years, in July, she was invited as a visiting Professor for Hanyang University International Summer Program in Seoul, South Korea.

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    • Sanjukta Choudhury Kaul, Ph.D.

      Ph.D. (Monash Business School), M.A. (CSR) (Nottingham University Business School), M.A. (Communication Studies) Pune University
      International Business Subject Content Coordinator & Lecturer

      A second -career academic, Sanjukta researches and teaches Business Ethics and ASEAN Business at Faculty of Business, BINA NUSANTARA University, Senayan Campus. She is passionate about diversity and marginalised issues in management.

      Sanjukta has a PhD from Monash University Business School in the area of CSR and Disability at Workplace (2015). She was awarded full scholarship and school research grant. She is a recipient of the 2016 Jan Schapper Award in Critical Business Ethics. She was nominated for the 2015 Mollie Holman Doctoral Award, Monash University Best Thesis (School of Business). She is also one of the top twelve candidates selected by University of South Australia, School of Management for the 2011 International PhD Student Competition (Australia). As a 2006 British Chevening Scholar, she graduated from Nottingham University Business School, UK, International Centre for CSR (ICCSR), with a distinction both for her dissertation and MA in Corporate Social Responsibility (2007, UK). She earned her first Master’s in Communication Studies (Media Research) with a first class degree from University of Pune (India) and has an undergraduate degree in Sciences (Mumbai University, India).

      Prior to her recent shift in academics, she has enjoyed a decade long professional industry experience She is a recipient of Young PR Professional of the Year – Asia Pacific COE, Hong Kong (2002); World Class Communication Professional Cummins Inc. (2001). She is a trained 6 Sigma Green Belt (2002) and a Diversity Trainer (2000) with 240 hours of formal practice. In 2005, she completed her global intern ship with Brodeur Pleon (London).

      She is a professionally trained hobbyist baker.

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    • Ono Supriadi, Ph.D.

      Ph.D. (Management) (UON), MBA (IntBus) (Flinders), BPolSc (SI.P.) (Pasundan)
      Subject Content Coordinator and Lecturer of International Business Program

      Dr. Ono Supriadi’s professional career is mainly in higher education institutions as a lecturer since 1998. His first position as the full-time lecturer was at International Relations study program, Jendral Achmad Yani University, Cimahi until 2010. He then moved to President University, Cikarang, as the full-time lecturer in 2016 after He finished his doctoral degree, assigned to Management study program until 2017. Currently, He is the Subject Content Coordinator (SCC) and Lecturer at International Business study program of BINUS University International, Jakarta. Dr. Ono Supriadi got his bachelor degree in International Relations from Pasundan University, Indonesia; his master degree in International Business from Flinders University, Australia; and his doctoral degree in Management from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

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    • Tatum Syarifah Adiningrum, M.Ed. (L&M), Ph.D

      Ph.D. (UoA), M.Ed (L&M) (Flinders), S.IP (Unair)
      Faculty Member – International Business

      Tatum has both industrial and small-business experience. She worked in marketing and external relations in a language school in Surabaya for over 7 years while also grew a family business in retail. However, she always has the passion in education sector, and decided to pursue a Masters of Education in 2006. She joined Binus International in 2010 as Development Coordinator, working in curriculum design and professional development for lecturers. She joined the International Business program at the same time, and teaching Research Methodology and Managing across Cultures. She was appointed as the Head of Learning Development in 2012, working closely with Head of Programs in the curriculum and pedagogical development of Binus International. She received the New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship in 2015, and completed her PhD in Education in the University of Auckland in 2019.

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    • Ahmad Seiichi Ramadhan, SE., MM

      MM (BINUS Business School), SE (Bina Nusantara University)

      Mr. Seiichi completed his master degree in Business Management from BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, Binus University, Jakarta, Indonesia. Prior to joining BINUS, he worked for AON Consulting Singapore. His career experience includes national and international research as well as consulting projects in business and management. He is experienced in research methodology concepts and several analytical tools.

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    • Roosalina Wuldandari

      M.Psi [UI], S. Psi [Unika Atma Jaya Jakarta]
      Faculty Member: Student Affairs Coordinator; Student, Alumni, and Global Employability (SAGE), Binus University International

      Wulan joined Binus University International in 2008 as Student Affairs Coordinator. Her scope of work and responsibility include managing and supervising students’ non-academic activity, rendering counseling services and facilitating community development programs. In 2011, Wulan also joined the International Business program and delivered subjects with ethics and human-behavior relevance.

      As a seasoned clinical psychologist with years of experience working for national and international humanitarian agencies, Wulan continues to express her strong interests in engaging herself with social causes in non-profit sectors. Specializing herself in crisis intervention and trauma recovery, in 2011, Wulan co-established an NGO named Lentera Sintas Indonesia to provide psychological assistance for victims of sexual violence. Wulan has also exercised her diplomacy skills by joining Indonesian delegates in Track II Diplomacy programs for non-state actors to New Zealand and MIKTA [Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey & Australia] Middle Power Countries Assembly.

      Currently, Wulan is enrolled in a PhD program with University of Indonesia majoring in Political Psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys networking with a wide range of communities and volunteering for causes.

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    • Sukma Putra

      M. Ed. (Flinders University), SE (Trisakti University)
      Faculty Member: BINUS Case Center Manager; Academic Development Department

      SUKMA PUTRA is currently working as BINUS Case Center Manager at Bina Nusantara Business School. In the process, he has been involved in the making of many business case studies in BINUS since 2015 and was certified by Ivey Business School for case study writing and teaching in 2017. Previously he was in various positions in Australia Awards Indonesia (AAI) for 10 years and managed projects for prominent alumni in Indonesia focusing on development areas such as food security, health, education, poverty reduction, energy and innovation of technology and infrastructure.

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    • Mike Mookung Kim

      MBA (Yonsei University), BBA (Dankook University)
      Lecturer, Subject Content Coordinator – International Business

      Mike Mookung Kim has worked in various industries for more than 10 years. During that period, his works were related to international trading, business consulting and education industries. Before starting his academic career, he had practical working experiences as senior manager and head of finance in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and South Korea. He worked as consultant for Asian and US corporations since 2011. He gained professional knowledge and practical skills of finance and international management during his time in global consulting firm. In addition, he was part-time lecturer at Binus University International since 2017.

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    • Parulian Hutapea, MBA (UoO), Ir (IPB)

      Lecturer – International Business

      Parulian  has worked in various companies and Higher Education Institutions for more than 32 years, such as: HELM-USAID (leadership specialist), G4S (HR Manager), Cahaya Buana Group (HR Group Head), ABN AMRO-Bank (AVP Human Resources), PT. Aqua Golden Missisipi (HR Head), Hay Management Consultant(Management consultant and trainer), Center for Agroeconomic research (Researcher),  LPPM (Professional Staff and management consultant), Kwik Kian Gie School of Business (Vice Rector II and lecturer), MMA-IPB (part time lecturer), STIE Nusantara (part time lecturer), MBA Bandung (part time lecturer), and SBM-ITB Jakarta and Bandung (Guest lecturer).  Parulian also has done a lot of consulting activities in serving the following companies.

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    • Vidayana ST, MM, MBus(Mgt)

      Lecturer – International Business

      Vidayana started his career in 1998 as a Quality System and Administration staff at PT Cipta Piranti Teknik which produced automotive wiring harness. PT Cipta Pirnati Teknik was subsidiaries of PT Toyota Astra Motor. His Job was dealing with ISO 9000 to document and maintaining company’s quality system.

      Before he moved to South Australia in 2005, He had experience working in several different industries such as radio station, finance, retail and manufacture. In Australia he worked as Production Floor Assistance at Lobethal Abattoir Pty Ltd. His job was to prepare production equipment and helping the production supervisor to make sure that Health and safety procedure were applied during production time.

      He also had experience in teaching at several universities since 2008. He used to teach industrial Metrology & statistic and Maintenance management in School of Engineering at Darma Persada Univeristy. In Gunadarma University he used to teach Industrial Marketing for business students. His last position before joining Binus University was as business development manager at CV Varindo Megatek which is a chemical construction company. He was responsible to build market position, developing and defining business relationship, and to explore new business opportunity.

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    • Primidya Kartika Miranda Soesilo, Ph.D.

      Title: Head of Program
      Research Interests: Sensory Marketing, Luxury Brand and Co-Branding, Private Label, Consumer Behavior
      Office: JWC Campus, Hang Lekir I No. 6, Jakarta, Indonesia
      Phone: +62 21 720 2222 ext. 3148

    • Dr. Adilla Anggraeni

      Title: Deputy Head of Program
      Research Interests: Consumer Behavior, Social Marketing, Services Marketing
      Office: JWC Campus, Hang Lekir I No. 6, Jakarta, Indonesia
      Phone: +62 21 720 2222 ext.

    • Dr. Evi Rinawati Simanjuntak

      Title: Lecturer & Subject Content Coordinator
      Research Interests: CRM, Digital Marketing, Pricing, General Marketing
      Office: JWC Campus, Hang Lekir I No. 6, Jakarta, Indonesia
      Phone: +62 21 720 2222 ext. 3154

    • Dr. Tara Farina

      Title: Lecturer & Subject Content Coordinator
      Research Interests: Services Marketing, Tourism Marketing, General Marketing
      Office: JWC Campus, Hang Lekir I No. 6, Jakarta, Indonesia
      Phone: +62 21 720 2222 ext. 3154

    • Dahlia Darmayanti, MBA.

      Title: Lecturer & Subject Content Coordinator
      Research Interests: International Marketing, Sustainable Marketing, Services Marketing, General Marketing
      Office: JWC Campus, Hang Lekir I No. 6, Jakarta, Indonesia
      Phone: +62 21 720 2222 ext. 3154

    • Lianti Rahardjo, MBA.

      Title: Lecturer
      Research Interests:

    • Desyra Sukma Dewanthi, M.M.

      Title: Lecturer
      Research Interests:

      • Raymond Bahana, ST., M.Sc


        • MS in Computer Engineering, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.
        • Bachelor Degree (Sarjana Teknik) in Electrical Engineering, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia


        • CS214 Multimedia Systems (2009 – present)
        • CS220 Scripting Languages (2010 -present)
        • CS408 Visual Gaming (2012 – present)
      • Jude Joseph Lamug Martinez, MCS


        • Masters in Computer Science, De La Salle University, Manila, 2003
        • BSCS, University of Baguio, 1997


        • CS113 Programming Principles (2008 – present)
        • CS114 Object Oriented Programming (2008 – present)
        • CS201 Data Structures and Algorithms (2009)
        • CS211 Object Technology (2008 – present)
        • CS207 Software Engineering (2008 – 2009)
        • CS313 Enterprise Applications (2009 – 2010)
        • CS316 Wireless Mobile Software Engineering (2008 – 2009)
        • CS409 Application Services (2008 – 2009)
        • CS410 Pervasive Computing (2010 – Present)
      • N. Nurul Qomariyah, S.Kom, M.T.I., Ph.D


        • Ph.D in Computer Science, University of York, United Kingdom, 2018
        • Master Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2011
        • Bachelor of Computer Science, in Computer Science, Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2006


        • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) for Oracle 10g Database Administrator, Oracle University, 2008


        • Data Structures
        • Software Engineering
        • Database System
        • Analysis of Algorithms
      • Ida Bagus Kerthyayana Manuaba, Ph.D

        Ida Bagus Kerthyayana Manuaba, Ph.D
        Subject Content Coordinator / Lecturer
        Computer Science Program, BINUS University International


        • Ph.D in Computer Science, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, 2014
        • BEng. in Electrical and System Computer Informatics, Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia, 2009


        • COMP6205 Computer Graphics (2016 – present)
        • CS313 Enterprise Application (2016 – present)
        • COMP6335 Intro to Programming (2016 – Present)


      • Maria Seraphina Astriani, S.Kom., M.T.I.

      • Minaldi Loeis, M.Sc., MM.

      • Satrio Pradono, S.Kom., M.T.I.

      • Supria, M.Sc.

      • Ir. Tri Asih Budiono, M.I.T.

      • Teuku Aulia Geumpana, M.Sc

      • Samuel Mahatmaputra

        Completed a master degree in Information Technology from the University of Adelaide, Australia and having 17 years experience in the area of Information Technology Education, he has the passion to see higher education students reach their maximum potential in Information System domain. Awarded Best Teaching Award in 2015, his most recent research activities are in mobile information system, structure health monitoring system and computer vision on Automated License Plate Recognition and Vehicles Counters.

      • Antonius Kurniawan

        Human Centered Design Specialist.

        Human Centered Design as powerful concept that can be applied to make any solution more impactful, combined with IT/IS to enhance the technology based solution more innovative and impactful.

        Master in Business Management specialist in Business Model and Innovation

      • Win Ce

        He is an expert in business process management, supply chain, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) specialized in SAP Product and is certified for HRM module. He is currently holding managerial position as the Operational Director for BINUS International JWC Campus in Senayan, Jakarta. His passion in education has been proved by his contribution in the higher education teaching and research for 17 years.

      • Michael Siek

        Completed his PhD from TU Delft, the Netherlands with 15+ years of multi-disciplinary working experiences of teaching and conducting research at Universities as well as executing and managing various projects for commercial companies.Computer programming (MQL4/5, Delphi, C/C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Python, Matlab, Maple, R, SAS, Mathematica, Octave, Fortran, VB, PHP, Ruby, Perl, HTML, CSS, XML, SOAP, REST, JSON) Modelling tools (Weka, SPSS, RapidMiner, KNIME, KXEN, Tableau, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Pig, PRTools, NeuroSolution, Afuz, Globe, Cart, MARS)
        ERP software (Oracle e-Businesss Suite, SAP, Microsoft Axapta, Compiere) Databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird)

      • Nathalia Devina

        She graduated from several degrees in Australia: Master of Practising Accounting from RMIT, Australia
        Graduated with first class honours Master of Business System (Research) from Monash University, VICTORIA, Australia
        Graduated with second class honours Bachelor of Information System, The University of Melbourne, VICTORIA, Australia; She also joined Citibank as a Relationship Manager Corporate Bank.Recent Research Grant:ISIF – Asia

      • Arfika Nurhudatiana

        Arfika Nurhudatiana is a PhD from the School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore with SembCorp Scholarship in 2010. Her PhD thesis entitled “Relatively Permanent Pigmented or Vascular Skin Marks (RPPVSM) for Forensic Identification”. She worked with IBM Singapore for almost three years as a SAP consultant for a national healthcare IT system provider in Singapore where she was awarded with the Best of IBM Bravo award for her excellent contribution to the project. So far, she has published in one journal and three conferences, all of which as the first author, and filed one patent. The journal paper was published in the IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, a reputable journal in her area, and was selected as a journal presentation at the IEEE International Workshop on Information Forensics and Security (WIFS) 2013 in Guangzhou, China. She received financial supports from NTU to attend and present her research in international conferences in US, Canada, and China. She has two more first authored journal papers to be submitted in the near future. In addition to the papers and patents, she received the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship Asia in 2012 for demonstrating outstanding academic achievement, leadership, and community involvement. Every year, only 15 female students in Asia are awarded with the scholarship. In the same year, she also won 1st place (dermatology category) at the Cureus Fall 2012 International Poster Competition for her collaboration study with Los Angeles Biomedical Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center entitled “Skin Marks as Novel Biometrics for Forensic Analysis”. She is now working as a researcher in Nanyang Technological University while waiting for graduation (expected June 2014). Her major research interests include pattern recognition, image processing, and computer vision.

      • Nasir Advani

        Graduate from Monash University Australia, he has 11 years experience as the Country System Z Leader at IBM Indonesia.

      • Alva Erwin

        He is a PhD candidate from Curtin University, Australia. Also a CEO for AKON Teknologi, the first Indonesian data mining company to focus on web mining and social media trending.

      • Amit Kumar

        He has his bachelor degree from Bond University, Australia and master degree (Master of Computing) from Macquarie University, Australia. He is focusing his research on computing, algorithm, and systems design.



        Dian Ayuria Sarwono has bachelor degree in English Language Education from Satya Wacana Christian University, Salatiga, Central Java. She completed her master degree from Royal Melbourne Institute Technology, Melbourne, Australia in 2002 with specialization in magazine publishing. She has more than 15-year experience as a journalist in lifestyle magazine industry.  In 2012, she started to teach as a part time lecturer in Binus University International for the Communication Program. She left the media industry and decided to become a full time lecturer in 2016. Her role in the program is a Subject Content Coordinator (SCC) who is responsible for curriculum mapping, syllabus design and teaching content development along with the Binus Catur Dharma components including Teaching, Research and Publication, Community Service, and Personal Development.


        Lily El Ferawati (Rofil) is a lecturer in Communication Program, Binus University International. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Media Studies and Doctor of Philosophy in Media Anthropology both from University of Malaya, Malaysia. Miss Lily joined Binus in 2019 as a Subject Content Coordinator (SCC) who is responsible for curriculum mapping, syllabus design and teaching content development along with the Binus Catur Dharma components including Teaching, Research and Publication, Community Service, and Personal Development. She has more than 5-year experience of teaching in several universities including University of Malaya (UM), Infrastructure University of Kuala Lumpur (IUKL), and Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY).

        • BNSD Faculty

          The core strength of BNSD is its devoted core faculty members. Like any great design schools, our faculty has an extensive professional background in various design fields. Combined with a proven and rigorous curriculum that place students at the center of learning, we created an environment where all of our students can exercise their creativity and craftsmanship to the fullest. We really take pride when many of our successful graduates attribute their successful studies due to the friendly, helpful, and accessible faculty members. Northumbria University’s faculty members also take part in delivering special subjects in various programs.

          Amanda Prihutomo
          Has a MA in Fashion Design from Kent Institute of Art and Design in Rochester, UK. After completing her master’s degree, she worked in London for Issa, a London-based fashion brand as an assistant designer. In Jakarta, she worked as a fashion editor and journalist for many lifestyle magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Bazaar and many more. She also worked as a stylist for various commercial ads for national and international brands.

          Bayu Prakoso Dirgantoro
          Has a Master of Multimedia Design from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. He has over 10 years of work experience in the multimedia design industry. He was a multimedia designer, an event organizer, a video editor and worked in a production house prior to joining BINUS.

          Emanuel Himawan Saptaputra
          Has a Master of Multimedia Design (MMDes) qualification from the University of Sydney, Australia. He is an expert in graphics and marketing Support. He was a Graphics and Marketing Support Officer at Pentel (Australia) Pty Ltd and was a Creative Promo Assistant at GME Standard Communication Australia, a Multimedia Design Assistant at the University of Sydney, Australia and developed Interactive CDROM tutorials for Australian Education training and teaching systems at the Board of Studies Australia.

          Has a Master Degree in Design from Trier University, Germany. She has over 20 years of working experience in fashion and design and worked with several top MNC fashion companies. She was Chief Fashion Designer at PT Texmaco Graha Busana and Senior QA Merchandiser at Karstadt Quelle Neckermann.

          Novi Dila Kana
          Has a master degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, USA. She was a project consultant and graphic designer at Inke Maris & Associates, a leading Indonesian public relations consultancy. Her research interests include typography and letter forms.

          Ratna Dewi Paramita
          Completed a master degree in Fashion Marketing at Northumbria University in Newcastle Upon-Tyne, UK. She worked in marketing communication at PT Dupont Indonesia and opened the Amenomachi boutique in Kemang for acquired hands-on experience in the fashion industry. She also worked in retail as a visual merchandiser, freelanced as a wardrobe stylist for TV and print ad commercials, and as a uniform designer for national and international brands.

          Vera Jenny Basiroen
          Completed a master degree at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA. She was a creative director for corporate design at PT Melati Cipta Mandiri for clients such as Papua Air, Mimika Air, GT Air, Med Air (Dubai).

          Wildan Ali
          Has a Master of Arts degree in Media Production from Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe International in Germany. He is an all-round visual communicator with a passion for storytelling. As a Media Producer, he has been involved in music video clips, company profiles and short films, and is in charge of the various steps of a production from pre-production to post-production. As an illustrator he created artwork for varying target audiences including books for children and for teenagers, cartoons and caricatures, and fashion illustrations or short stories for women’s magazines.

Adilla Anggraeni-2Adilla Anggraenia
Has an MBA from Glyndwr University, UK and has an interest in writing poems and short stories. Prior to teaching at BINUS, she was a part–time research assistant in Glyndwr University and a part–time lecturer of Operations Management in As–safi’iyah University.

Adilla AmeliaAdilla Amelia
After receiving her MFA in Film from New York Film Academy, she worked in Los Angeles, USA on several film productions in the camera and production department as well as at a film distribution company. Prior to obtaining her MFA, her work experiences started in Jakarta working in various film and television productions as assistant director and editor.

Adsina FibraAdsina Fibra
She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Science from the University of Indonesia and a master’s degree in International Education Development from Boston University. She has ten years’ of experience working in the education field and eight years’ of experience at the managerial level.

AFMAFM Jalal Ahamed
He holds a Ph.D in International Marketing. He combines excellent academic and practical skills, with a particular interest in teaching others to improve their individual knowledge. He is enthusiastic to utilize a wide range of techniques and methodologies, in order to provide an effective education in accordance with student requirements.

04-AzaliaAzalia Primadita Muchransyah
A grantee of British Council Full Scholarship for her Magister in Science (M.Si) degree in Universitas Indonesia, she graduated with “Magna Cum Laude” and “The Highest GPA” achievements. She has written scripts for TV shows, FTV’s, and big screen films since high school and has taught her own Scriptwriting classes in Serunya Screenwriting since 2010.

Charles Schuster-2Charles Schuster
Has a Master of Arts from Columbus University. Prior to joining BINUS,
he had over 25 years of teaching experience in schools and higher education providers. He was also invited as a guest lecturer to give workshops regarding photography, book–binding and Photoshop.

Christine GneusChristine Gneuss
She completed her Bachelor at Queensland University of Technology,
Australia and later went on to attain an MBA and Masters in Global Banking at the United International Business Schools. She commenced her university career in 2009 and spent five years in the capacity of lecturer in Barcelona, Antwerp and Brussels.

DAHLIA DARMAYANTI_02Dahlia Darmayanti
Completed her Master in International Management from Thunderbird
Global School of Management, Arizona, USA. She teaches Marketing Fundamentals, International Marketing and Services Marketing and her research interests are international marketing, services marketing, consumer behavior, and green and sustainable marketing.

DesyraDesyra Sukma Dewanthi
She teaches undergraduate courses for Marketing Management and Product & Brand Management. She completed her bachelor degree in 2008 from the Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia majoring in Marketing Management, and attained her master degree in 2011 from Magister Management University of Indonesia majoring in Financial Management.

IMG_9617Dewi Fitriasari
Completed a doctoral degree in Accounting from Aarhus University, Denmark. She is active at the national and international levels in initiatives relating to sustainability and sustainability accounting. She receives international research funding and serves either as a chair, a presenter, a panelist or a scientific committee member in international and national conferences in accounting and sustainability.

Picture1Gursel Ilipinar
Dr. Gursel ilipinar obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from University of Istanbul and his MBA in Marketing/IT from Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA. He spent most of his 15-year professional career in International Business field, namely, Gunes (GAN) Insurance, Export-Import Bank of Turkey (Eximbank), State of Georgia- Department of Trade, Industry and Tourism, United States Export Assistance Center and AT&T Telecom.

Handrich Kongdro, SE, MMHandrich Kongdro
He completed his masters degree in the full scholarship program of Creative Marketing at BINUS Business School in 2014 and was featured as one of the best students by the Head of Program in the 52nd Graduation. Currently he is working for the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to develop an integrated innovation ecosystem for local and International students in BINUS University International.

IMG_9580James Bartle
Has a Ph.D and Master in Commerce qualification from UNSW, Sydney, Australia. He worked in the treasury and finance industry where he mostly dealt with high–profile clients such as the Australian Taxation Office, Australian Securities and Investment Commission and various central banks. He was a consultant to the APEC Financial Regulators Initiative prior to joining BINUS.

Jude MartinezJude Joseph Lamug Martinez
Has a bachelor degree and a master degree in Computer Science from De La Salle University in Manila, with a focus on Software Engineering. He was an IT Specialist and Programmer for Philex Mining Corporation in Manila, and an IT Consultant for Cypress Semiconductor Inc. He is a member of the Cordillera Administrative Region’s Quality Assessment Team for Higher Education, the JAVA Education Development Initiative Community, the Philippine Society of IT Educators, and the Association of Computing Machinery.

Minaldi LoeisMinaldi Loeis
He finished both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science at The City College of New York. He also finished his dual degree of MM & MBA in Business Administration at Institut Pengembangan Manajemen Indonesia (IPMI) and Monash University. He is an Associate Consultant at EAQC, a regional consulting company with four offices in the ASEAN region. Responsibilities include managing and acting as resources for projects in the field of productivity, management control systems, and ISO 9000 implementation.

06-NuriannaNuriana Thoha 
Has a doctoral degree in Business Administration from Curtin University, Australia and an MBA degree from the University of Oregon, USA. Most of her 24 year career has been spent with education institutions and consulting companies in Indonesia. She has teaching experience in a wide range of subjects in human resources management, organizational behavior, and qualitative research.

BahanaRaymond Bahana
Completed a Master Degree (Master of Science) in Computer Engineering School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, USA. He teaches Multimedia Systems, Scripting Languages, and Visual Gaming.

Raymond KosalaRaymondus Raymond Kosala
Completed a doctorate in Informatics from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium in 2003. He was a systems engineer for the multinational IT distribution company PT ECS (Indo), and an IT consultant for PT Intellisys and PT BINUS Consulting. He was appointed Deputy Director of the ACM Asia–Jakarta Regional International Collegiate Programming Competition from 2008 to 2010. He served on the committees of several international workshops and conferences.

07-RonnyRonny Kountur
Has a Ph.D in Research & Evaluation from the University of the Philippines and Master of Science in Accounting & Finance from University of Santo Tomas. He also has another doctoral degree in Management Science and a Master of Management from the Technological University of the Philippines. He has published several articles in international peer review journals and is the writer of several books.

08-SukmaSukma Putra
He completed his master degree in Education (Leadership and Management) at Flinders University of South Australia. Previously he was in various positions in Australia Awards Indonesia (a prestigious scholarship programs funded by the Australian Government that aims to enhance the development of the recipient country).

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