Business Information Systems


William Tanuwijaya (founder

Business Information Systems Program is one of the first program that was developed by BINUS University International in 2002. It is the pinnacle and strength of the University that has launch BINUS University globally.

The ability of being the link between technology and the people / customer is of rare expertise in IT industry nowadays. Combined with focus on international quality higher education system, embedded entrepreneurship and innovation subjects, the program opens to its graduate endless opportunities from being a world class Information System professional into a well equipped business start-up entrepreneur.

Business Information System Program is accredited the “A” grade as the highest level accreditation that can be given to a private higher education program in Indonesia.


The BIS Program offers double degree in partnership with Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Northumbria University Newcastle, UK, and Cologne Business School Germany would enhance students’ ability to compete in an international marketplace. Single degree programs are also available, with options of internship, business creation/entrepreneurship, student exchange and research track as students’ enrichment. In addition to the single and double degree program, the BIS Program also provides master track program. The program aims to prepare students for either immediate entry into the global marketplace or for more advanced study.

This program provides an internship program for both single degree and double degree students wherein they may conduct real projects as a practical study within industrial contexts. In addition, series of study/field trips to visit the industries will be conducted to give good grounds for having a broad overview of the domain. These experiences support individual career aspiration and may provide social and professional networks. 

Company visit Singapore, Vice President & Managing Director of NetApp East Asia Mr. Krishna Arani
Company visit Singapore, Vice President & Managing Director of NetApp East Asia Mr. Krishna Arani


The Program of Business Information Systems  strives to become a reputable and leading Information System program for developing world-class professionals with excellent skills in both business and Information System and Technology to innovatively solve business problems.


  1. The Program of Business Information Systems exists to prepare globally competitive Information System graduates through innovative and growth-oriented curriculum by meeting the stakeholder expectations, providing academic and service excellence, promoting high quality research, building strong corporate connections, and gaining international recognitions and accreditation.
  2. The students will be equipped with technological, leadership, entrepreneurial, problem-solving skills, and analytical knowledge through high quality education and research in the area of Business Information Systems in the program.