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To complete the program of Business Information Systems with either a single or double degree(s) at BINUS International, students must complete a minimum of 146 SCUs of academic credit. These 146 SCU comprised of:

  • Single degree students are required accomplishing a total of 114 SCU of mandatory courses. At semester 6th and 7th student will need to choose from streaming of: business startup, internship, research and study abroad. Each streaming’s semester comprise of 16 SCU which is in total of 32 SCU within the two semesters.
  • Double degree students are required accomplishing a total of 114 SCU of mandatory courses and 16 SCU of the enrichment program’s subjects. At semester 7th and 8th students will need to accomplished their second degree at partners university abroad with a total of 22 BINUS International SCU.

Program Structure

Business Information Systems (Single Degree) – 2022
Semester Group Course SCU
1 MKK ISYS6466 Contemporary Management Information Systems and Algorithm 8
MPK CHAR6013 Character Building: Pancasila 2
MKK ISYS6496 Applied Project Management 4
MKB ENTR6091 Project Hatchery 2
MKK ACCT6133 Introduction to Financial Accounting 4
Sub Total 20
2 MKB ISYS6409 Programming Mastery 8
MKK MATH6115 Applied Research and Linear Algebra 4
MKK ISYS6410 Information Systems Modelling 6
MPK CHAR6014 Character Building: Kewarganegaraan 2
Sub Total 20
3 MKK LANG6061 Indonesian 1
MKB ISYS6468 Advanced Programming and Testing 8
MPB ISYS6412 Data Management and Analytics 8
MKB ENTR6486 Entrepreneurship Hatchery 3
MKK ENGL6171 Academic English I 3
Sub Total 23
4 MPB ISYS6413 Object Oriented Information Systems 6
MKK ISYS6209 User Experience 4
MPB ISYS6415 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 6
MKK ENGL6172 Academic English II 3
MPB ISYS6497 Cloud Technology 4
Sub Total 23
5 MKB ISYS6417 E-Commerce, IOT and Mobile Systems 8
MPB ISYS6498 Information Systems Architecture 6
MPB ISYS6419 Technology Consulting in the Community 6
MPK CHAR6015 Character Building: Agama 2
Sub Total 22
6 MKB Enrichment Program I (IE/RS/EN/SA) 16
Sub Total 16
7 MKB Enrichment Program II (IE/RS/EN/SA) 16
Sub Total 16
8 MKB ISYS6268 Thesis 6
Sub Total 6
Total 146
Enrichment Program I Enrichment Program II
Group Course SCU Group Course SCU
MKB ISYS6503 Industry Experience 8 MKB ISYS6504 Professional Experience 8
MKB ISYS6421 Human Factor in Information Systems 4 MKB ISYS6424 Corporate Information Systems Management 4
MKB ISYS6422 Managing Across Cultures 4 MKB ISYS6425 Information Technology Service Delivery 4
Sub Total 16 Sub Total 16
Enrichment Program I Enrichment Program II
Group Course SCU Group Course SCU
MKB ENTR6092 Business Model Innovation 8 MKB ENTR6093 Sustainable Startup Creation 8
MKB ENTR6096 Creative Business Planning 4 MKB ENTR6098 Business Networking 4
MKB ENTR6097 Managing Team and Culture 4 MKB ENTR6099 Business Story Telling 4
Sub Total 16 Sub Total 16
Enrichment Program I / II
Group Course SCU
MKB RSCH6063 Reasearch Exposure 8
MKB RSCH6075 Formulating Research Topic 4
MKB RSCH6076 Research Tools and Applications 4
Sub Total 16