IT Professionals Awareness: Green IT International Comparison Study

Nathalia Devina Widjaja1, Minsani Mariani1 and Karen Imam2

1school of information systems, Binus International University, Jakarta, Indonesia 2School of Management, Binus International University, Jakarta, Indonesia

IBIMA Publishing

Communications of the IBIMA Vol. 2011 (2011), Article ID 534852, 15 pages
DOI: 10.5171/2011.534852



Global warming and other environmental issues such as energy and resource constraint are becoming the world’s major concerns and need to be solved. Information Technology (IT) is perceived as an enabler to resolve those problems and bring greater efficiency. This concept is known as Green IT which covers energy conservation by IT and energy conservation of IT. It is important to analyse the awareness of IT professionals about Green IT in order to measure whether they are ready to implement a Green IT strategy. Many countries have already applied Green IT initiatives to reduce carbon emissions. Awareness of Green IT has been measured in many countries, except Indonesia, which has committed to reduce its carbon emissions by 26% in 2020. Green IT should be one of the potential enablers to achieve that goal. This paper provides a preliminary insight into Green IT awareness among Indonesian IT professionals and shows a comparison between attitude and awareness levels of other countries. Some recommendations will be discussed in order to increase the awareness and reduce the inhibiting factors that influence it. The current findings suggest that although IT professionals in Indonesia have already some concerns about climate change and the power consumption of IT, there is still a lack of implementation and action dimensions.

Keywords: Green IT, Carbon Emissions, Readiness, Awareness.