Nonlinear multi-model ensemble prediction using dynamic Neural Network with incremental learning


This paper introduces several nonlinear multi-model ensemble techniques for multiple chaotic models in high-dimensional phase space by means of artificial neural networks. A chaotic model is built by way of the time-delayed phase space reconstruction of the time series from observables. Several predictive global and local models, including Multi-layered Perceptron Neural Network (MLP-NN), are constructed and a number of multi-model ensemble techniques are implemented to produce more accurate hybrid models. One of these techniques is the nonlinear multi-model ensemble using one kind of dynamic neural network so-called Focused Time Delay Neural Network (FTDNN) with batch and incremental learning algorithms. The proposed techniques were used and tested for predicting storm surge dynamics in the North Sea. The results showed that the accuracy of multi-model ensemble predictions is generally improved in comparison to the one by single models. An FTDNN with incremental learning is more desirable for real-time operation, however in our experiments it was less accurate than batch learning.
Date of Conference: 31 July-5 Aug. 2011
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Publisher: IEEE
Conference Location: San Jose, CA, USA