System Requirement in View of Users and Process for Content Management and Academic Support System for Computer Laboratory

Win Ce1; Hanny Juwitasary2; Hendro3

1, 2, 3Information Systems Department, School of Information Systems, Binus University

Jl. K.H. Syahdan No. 9, Palmerah, Jakarta Barat 11480



The system for Laboratory Information will take focus on determining the need for information systems related to the management, content development and academic management in the laboratory. These processes will focus on understanding the need and system requirement for a laboratory information system that focus on content management and the way to design a process to make sure the continuation of content creation can be done. With the design of the laboratory information system is expected to serve as a sample in the development of similar application for the course in general. The methodology to be used is to use the study of literature, design, and testing of laboratory information systems.

Keywords: Information System, content management system, academic development


Laboratory plays an important rule in the academic progress and development of the content in university. Most of the improvement or the quality of the academic level is based on the research and the content development in the laboratory. The need for good management of Laboratory and focusing on developing a qualified and sustainable information system will ensure the long run of the lab and the university. Some laboratory sometimes traps with the focus on providing and maintain tools and assets of the lab which they assume as the main thing and the main investment of the lab itself. The focus in maintaining the tools is also to make sure that the teaching process of the lab will run well.

Despite the importance of maintaining tools, another important thing that should come into account is the management of the academic process of the lab session. Lab is the cycle of education, and have to ensure and responsible for knowledge creation and maintenance. The lab had to ensure the level of ‘up-to-date’ of the content and the ‘relevancy’ of the delivered knowledge to students. Many successful universities are proven to be supported by the strong level of laboratory to support the content as the basic for the research and development of the learning subject. To make sure the usefulness of laboratory and the role required to support the appropriate academic level, an academic information system that take control all the process and take the content management needed have to be build and well maintain for all laboratory.

This paper will focus on understanding the process that exist and have to be maintained in the view of academic for laboratory management. The process ranged from the assignment to create the lab material/case, subject evaluation, group discussion and research for subject creation or update, and also the process for collection, management and dissemination of the academic content and rule. The understanding also includes the forms, pattern or the step required for academic developments that are commonly used. The feedback from students can also be a part of process in improving the quality o content and process. Later on after the basic understanding of the processes have been done, the next step is developing the technical aspect and the technical design of the required system to make sure all the gathered process and data can be covered. The basic template of application will then be developed and implemented in Software Laboratory Center, BINUS University as the basic sample of requirement and implementation.

Research Object

Software Laboratory Center (SLC) in BINUS University is a services center that serves the department in BINUS related to laboratory session using computer. From academic view this activity focus on preparing and teaching material related to programming, using software for business or other related things based on the designed curriculum. As the biggest laboratory in BINUS, SLC also function as the center for preparing the system and application to support the laboratory session in all laboratories in BINUS (14 laboratories in total). The huge line of services could become a valid sample in designing the appropriate system.

Problem Identification

This paper is based on the core problem identification described below: (1) No reference standard for operational management in term of academic in university laboratory. (2) No reference for content management and maintaining the ‘up-to-date’ level for university laboratory that able to cover the industry requirement for a laboratory practice. (3) Requirement for knowledge management standard as integrated part of content management to ensure the quality of teaching and learning in laboratory.

56 ComTech Vol. 6 No. 1 Maret 2015: 55-63

Outcome and Benefit

This paper will be a series that focus on creating and designing the standard for Laboratory in term of academic and content management. This is the first part that will focus on: (1) Understanding the academic aspect related to academic that need to be capture in a laboratory. (2) Understanding the factor related to academic that will be used as the basic of system requirement and design. This basic information will later on be used to design the detail system and build the prototype to be implemented.


Ce, W., Juwitasary, H., & Hendro, H. (2015). System Requirement in View Of Users and Process for Content Management and Academic Support System for Computer Laboratory (Case Study: Software Laboratory Center Binus University). ComTech: Computer, Mathematics and Engineering Applications, 6(1), 55-63.