Parulian Hutapea, MBA (UoO), Ir (IPB)

Lecturer – International Business

Parulian  has worked in various companies and Higher Education Institutions for more than 32 years, such as: HELM-USAID (leadership specialist), G4S (HR Manager), Cahaya Buana Group (HR Group Head), ABN AMRO-Bank (AVP Human Resources), PT. Aqua Golden Missisipi (HR Head), Hay Management Consultant(Management consultant and trainer), Center for Agroeconomic research (Researcher),  LPPM (Professional Staff and management consultant), Kwik Kian Gie School of Business (Vice Rector II and lecturer), MMA-IPB (part time lecturer), STIE Nusantara (part time lecturer), MBA Bandung (part time lecturer), and SBM-ITB Jakarta and Bandung (Guest lecturer).  Parulian also has done a lot of consulting activities in serving the following companies.

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