South Korea

Why study in South Korea?* :

  1. Systematic support programs from the government. Compared with English speaking countries (like the UK and the USA) or Japan,  Korea has lower tuition fees, living costs and also well-prepared scholarship programs for international students.
  2. Highly competitive educational system. Korea has been recognized globally for its excellence in education.
  3. Korea leads the world in advanced Science and Technology. Korea ranked 1st for ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) development among 152 countries surveyed
  4. Korean wave (Hallyu)’ showcases Korean rich cultures across the globe. Which began from Korean dramas and K-POP, has now spread Korean language and culture widely throughout the world.
  5. High life satisfaction reported by international students. With Korea noted as one of the safest countries in the world to study in, the number of international students continues to increase every year.
  6. Employment and career development and support for international students. International students enrolled in regular degree courses or language course can apply for permission to participate in additional part-time activities and work.
  7. Transition from an aid recipient to a donor. Korea has successfully managed to make the transition from a recipient of services to a donor country.

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