BINUS INTERNATIONAL Fashion Student Shines at Front Row Paris Fashion Show

Fashion Design students from BINUS International once again showcased their creativity in fashion at the prestigious international fashion show event Front Row Paris. This event marked a historic milestone for BINUS International’s Fashion Design program and signified the progress of Indonesian fashion industry recognition on the global stage.

About Front Row Paris

Front Row Paris is an annual special event organized by the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) to introduce Indonesian creativity and culture in fashion to markets in four major fashion capitals of the world: Paris, Milan, London, and New York. This prestigious event is held around Paris, which serves as a hub for high fashion industry players from various regions.

2023 Front Row Paris will occur at The Westin Paris – Vendome, France, on September 2, 2023. Like previous years, this IFC event aims to connect Indonesian fashion designers and brand representatives with international media and consumers located in Paris. This connection allows them to advance their careers and showcase the uniqueness of Indonesian fashion on a global platform.

Participation Goals of BINUS International Students

The participation of BINUS International students in prestigious fashion events like Front Row Paris has significant reasons. Involvement in such events provides them insights into international fashion trends and opportunities to network with the global market in one of the world’s fashion hubs. This exposure allows them to collaborate with renowned fashion designers globally, enhancing their experience.

However, one of the most important goals of BINUS International’s participation in Front Row Paris is the opportunity to showcase creativity to audiences from diverse cultural backgrounds. This sentiment was echoed by one of the student team members who participated in presenting her work at Front Row Paris, Jeon Shinbi, a Fashion Program student at BINUS International.

“I’m incredibly excited to be chosen to showcase my designs at an event like Front Row Paris. I never expected it,” she expressed her feelings before departing for Paris. She added, “I can’t wait to see people’s reactions there.”

The following are the showcased works by BINUS International students representing Indonesia at Front Row Paris:

“NADI” by Rula Nahid & Tidi Faiza,

“DAHAYOE” by Stephanie Widjaja & Larasati Agatra,

“NOEJ x M.A.R” by Jeon Shinbi & Marsya Ririhena.

BINUS International’s Hopes for Front Row Paris

The selection of BINUS International’s student team to share a platform with renowned Indonesian fashion brands aligns with the Fashion Design program’s vision to become an international study program that provides a creative learning environment for its students. To fulfill this mission, BINUS International prepares future fashion leaders through practical skill development and experience.

Considering Front Row Paris’s global reputation as a renowned fashion event, the participation of Fashion Design students becomes a point of pride for the campus. Ratna Dewi Paramita, Head of the Fashion Design Program at BINUS International, expressed, “Just like the students looking forward to Paris, we’re also enthusiastic about this opportunity.”

Furthermore, she also stated how the students’ participation benefits their career prospects and will aid the economy: “One of BINUS International Fashion Design Program’s main missions is to improve the quality of life in local and global communities. By introducing their designs to the global stage, more people will be interested in Indonesia’s unique fashion products. As a result, more Indonesians can collaborate with our students to improve Indonesia’s economy on the international scene. That’s what I hope from this event.”

BINUS International will once again showcase the creativity of its student team at one of the world’s renowned fashion events, Front Row Paris, scheduled for September 2, 2023, at The Westin Paris, France.

While the event will attract representatives from the fashion industry and international media, it also offers the general consumers in Paris the chance to witness the presented works. Thus, Front Row Paris serves as a real-world learning opportunity for developing creativity, observing international trends, and building networks for students before they embark on their careers.