Selecting the Best Design School: 7 Key Features to Consider

Fashion design has become one of the most popular majors in higher education, resulting in an abundant choice of design schools worldwide. While this could be a good sign for future trends in fashion, some prospective students might find it more difficult to decide which design school they are going to enroll in. If you are one of them, here are some key features to consider before making a decision.

1.     The Faculty

Faculty has a huge role in providing your future career in most majors, including design. Therefore, the faculty’s reputation should be the first and foremost thing to think about before you are going to its design school.

Your initial step is getting to know the faculty in many different ways. Try to have a word with the representation of faculty boards, research the faculty’s experience and expertise in design, or see for yourself how their alumni end after graduation.

2.     The Curriculum

Next to the faculty, another important feature to consider is the curriculum. More often than not, people enrolling in design school only think about the brand values, while the curriculum is an essential aspect that matters.

A great design school should provide well-organized curricula consisting of skills, knowledge, and competencies related to design. It would be a plus point if the school also provided multidisciplinary subjects, including entrepreneurship.

3.     The Extracurricular Activities

While the school’s curricula serve as the core subjects, extracurricular activities can support your other interests when pursuing a future career in design. For this reason, participating in many supporting activities outside the main curriculum will bring you great benefits.

You need to check out extracurricular activities including seminars, conferences, workshops, or guest lectures. You can also find out whether the school offers industrial visits or multinational programs that allow you to get closer into the fields of design.

4.     The School’s Facilities and Infrastructure

A design school with an excellent reputation should also provide an excellent set of facilities and infrastructure supported by state-of-the-art technologies. These features will help you acquire the best learning experience in both theoretical and practical fields. If you have a chance to survey the school site before enrolling in the program, be sure to check and ask around about the learning facilities and site infrastructure that the school offers.

Facilities in design school.

5.     The Campus Environment and Resources

The next on the list is the environment and resources of the campus. These include the location and its surroundings, the university culture, and the expertise and competence of the teaching boards.

A safe and comfortable school environment is something that you need to make sure of from the beginning. It would be best to look into how the university develops its learning culture through the board of lecturers.

6.     The Tuition Fees

College education—including design school—requires higher cost, so it should take a significant portion of your consideration. In this case, you need to ensure the parity between the fees and facilities offered by the school. See also whether the school offers financial assistance in the forms of scholarships, monthly installments, or other payment plans that can benefit you.

7.     Career Development

Last but not least, think about how the school will help you in the future. Try to look at the professional paths of alumni and the potential careers that the school offers to you after graduation. That way, you can set your expectation from the start and position yourself to pursue your passion in design towards it.

Now that you have those features in mind, it will be easier for you to choose and settle on the best design school to support your passion. BINUS INTERNATIONAL is an excellent program that provides the best offers for its prospective students.

The school checks all the lists you need to consider, from a reputable faculty to plenty of opportunities later in your designing career. Joining this program is a worthy investment for your future.