BINUSIAN 2022 Inauguration

BINUS UNIVERSITY held the Inauguration of BINUSIAN 2022 which was attended by more than 11,000 new students. The event was held on Wednesday, 12 September 2018, at BINUS @ Alam Sutera Campus and was attended by BINUSIANS from various campuses of BINUS UNIVERSITY, BINUS INTERNATIONAL, BINUS Northumbria School of Design, and BINUS ASO School of Engineering.

This inauguration was a closing event of the Freshmen Enrichment Program (FEP) program. FEP consisted of a general orientation (for 1 week) and an academic orientation (for 2 weeks). In the general orientation, the freshmen were introduced to positive attitudes and behaviors during their study period at BINUS. During the academic orientation, the freshmen were also prepared with various materials that could help them to find learning strategies that were in line with the majors they chose.