It is an honor for BINUS UNIVERSITY to welcome students from various countries all over the world to join BINUS INTERNATIONAL. These are exchanged students that are currently studying with other fellow BINUSIANs. There are around 53 exchanged students right now studying at BINUS INTERNATIONAL.

The presence of foreign students for one semester at BINUS is one of the efforts of BINUS INTERNATIONAL to be “A World-class University, in continuous pursuit of innovation and enterprise“. Their presence is expected to be inspiration for BINUSIANS especially about their courage and spirit of learning in foreign countries.

Met on Tuesday (4/7), Jasper Kort, a student of HAN University of Applied Science Netherland and Kostiantyn Turchok from Tartu University of Tartu Estonia shared a bit of their two-month experience of studying at BINUS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY. In his story, Jasper revealed that even in just two months he felt that it was a priceless experience. Similar to Jasper, Kostian also talked that the experience of studying at BINUS INTERNATIONAL was an unforgettable one, not just about the education but also because of the amazing cultural diversity of Indonesia.

On different occasion; Mohammad Haziq bin Mohamad Roslan from Universiti Teknologi Mara Malaysia, Nicolaas Kimman from SPJ School of Global Management, Leland Hubbard from University of Montana, Husnie Shahriza Bin Shari from Universiti Teknologi Mara Malaysia and Thÿs Levert from HAN University of Applied Science also talked about how they really enjoyed studying in a foreign country. For them BINUS INTERNATIONAL is a friendly place for foreign students. They can easily adapt to the environment and culture of BINUS INTERNATIONAL.

To make sure that the exchanged students are comfortable during their stay, BINUS INTERNATIONAL provided facilities for them to stay as well as an exclusive shuttle to take them from BINUS SQUARE to their campus. In their stories, they all revealed how they did not expect that BINUS would provide all facilities as complete as this.



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Mohamad Haziq bin Mohamad Roslan – Universiti Teknologi Mara Malaysia

“This exchanged student program is good for everyone; it gives opportunities not just to learn academics but also a chance to be mature, to learn how to adapt, and to see other cultures.”

Nicolaas Kimman – SPJ School of Global Management

“BINUS UNIVERSITY has a strategic location, great facilities, and human resources. I told many of my friends to come to Indonesia and to try how it was like living in Indonesia. BINUS UNIVERSITY is a good place to start this experience.

Leland Hubbard – University of Montana.

“Academically, BINUS UNIVERSITY really concerns with its students, BINUS UNIVERSITY gives plenty of space for me as an exchange student to adapt to a new culture. I have experience no problems whatsoever during this program.”

Husnie Shahriza – Universiti Teknologi Mara Malaysia

“Through this exchange student program, I earn a lot of valuable lessons. I learn to appreciate other cultures, time management, self esteem and communication. BINUS UNIVERSITY gives me more than I expected.”

Jasper Kort – HAN University of Applied Science Netherland

“During my first two months studying at BINUS UNIVERSITY in Jakarta, I have got unforgettable experience. I think, everyone who is interested to get a different experience in learning with different cultures and surrounded with beautiful places has to choose Indonesia, and I recommend BINUS UNIVERSITY as the right place for that.” (IV)