Nirmana Award

February 15 , 2012

There are many young designers who are having trouble in distributing their creation or in finding new ways to develop their work. Nirmana Award answers their problem brilliantly with what is considered as a breakthrough in designing.

It is like a breath of fresh air in design, especially in Indonesia. The Nirmana Awards, which were launched at BINUS INTERNATIONAL, Joseph Wibowo Center Campus, Thursday (16/2), is an event to show appreciation for young designers. The word “Nirmana” itself shows a meaningful design. The event  tries to urge a better ecosystem for Indonesia’s creative industry. This event was also created to support the government, which launched the strategy of developing the creative economy in Indonesia from 2009 to 2025.

The Nirmana award was created by the Nirmana Committee, a team consisting of key players in the creative industry, professional designers, design associations (Asosiasi Desain Grafis Indonesia, Forum Desain Grafis Indonesia), advertising associations (Art Director Club, PPPI). Its goal is to improve and encourage Indonesia’s creative industry.

“Due to the lack of appreciation for design in Indonesia, hopefully this event can help us prepare young designers to compete at the international level,” says Anang Pradipta, Chairman of Nirmana and founder of Anang explains the main purpose of Nirmana award, which is to establish a firm connection between stakeholders in the creative world so they can all work together harmoniously. This way, hopefully the design industry can create a better situation, which allows designers the freedom to express their creativity and to produce high-quality products.

Minaldi Loeis M.Sc., MM, Dean of Programs at BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, explains that as an education institution, Binus is very serious about splashing new colors and developing the design industry. The subject of Design is given to all students. Design is also being introduced during all public visits to BINUS UNIVERSITY.

The program is themed “Warna Kreasi Indonesia”, emphasizing the diversity of Indonesia, Bhineka Tunggal Ika spirit and the challenge to find local potential for design frameworks.

After the launch, the show continued with a roadshow to 27 campuses, the competition opening, community exhibition, finalist workshop, creative gathering, online public vote, artwork exhibition, creative talk show, artwork presentation and an award night.

The show was supported by students, professionals and creative entrepreneurs. The Nirmana Award aims to find young designers all over the area to develop resources, local values and traditions using a strategic design framework.

To support this event, the Nirmana Committee brings practitioners of the design industry such as Heru Suryoko, Isha Hening, Mice Misrad, Suryanto Rustan and Rahmat Rekapura. There are also figures from the creative world such as Yoris Sebastian, Danny Oei, Arief Budiman and many others.

Graphic design practitioners showed their support for this  event. “Hopefully, with the Nirmana Award, we will be able to see development of design in small cities and find new talents,” says Zinnia Sompie, Program Director of Asosiasi Desain Grafis Indonesia. (Mg/RA)