Cooperating with BINUS, Woosong Students Visit Indonesia

February 10 , 2012

To promote internationalization in 2012, BINUS University is cooperating with Woosong University of Korea in organizing the Crotonville Leadership Program. The event is fully supported by the Government of South Korea and it has been held since 4 February 2012 in Malaysia.

Woosong University’s visit to BINUS University will be held on February 9-14, 2012, with a number of events on the schedule. 38 participants from Woosong are visiting to learn more about South East Asia, especially Indonesia. They will visit BINUS University, BINUS Square, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Kota Tua, shopping malls and also Bogor.

“We hope this program can give positive contributions for both universities. Hopefully Woosong students can learn more about the culture in our country. On the other hand, BINUS students can also learn from their Korean friends,” says Laily Alfa Citra, BINUS University International Office Manager.

The student visit from Woosong, sponsored by the Korean Embassy in Indonesia, is designed as a short course program. The purpose is for participants to learn more about Indonesian culture and development and at the same time acquaint themselves with Indonesian students, lecturers and leaders.

In addition to 34 students and 4 lecturers from Woosong, BINUS Student Transnational Ambassadors (BINUS STARs) will also participate in the event as International Buddies. Members of BINUS STARs are BINUS University students who have participated in short courses or student exchange programs abroad.

“The theme for the program is Why Indonesia is Important for South Korea. This theme was also chosen by Mr. Ony Avrianto Jamhari as the Regional Manager, Global Center, Woosong University. With this theme, hopefully Korean students can learn more about Indonesia,” Laily says.

On Cultural Night, participants from both universities carry out several presentations. With these presentations, participants are able to share their experience, especially on specific areas such as leadership, community, internationalization, academic and non-academic issues.

In the program, which is conducted at BINUS International Campus, The Joseph Wibowo Center (JWC), there are also notable performances such as Saman Dance, K-Pop Dance and acoustic shows. (RA)