What our alumni says.

Tasha Nurmedina

As an accomplished alumna of BINUS University International's Communications program. Her background in entertainment journalism fueled her belief in the power of storytelling, which she refined through experiences like a group assignment in Ms. Karin's class, exploring diverse perspectives on ASEAN Games stories. Before graduation, Tasha interned as copywriter in marketing communications, which led to a nearly two-year full-time position. Seeking new challenges, Tasha then transitioned to a corporate communications role at Telkomsel. Here, she crafts and conveys the company's narrative to partners, a role that has been both challenging and rewarding, contributing significantly to her professional growth. Her journey exemplifies the sturdy groundwork she built at our university, where the English-language curriculum seamlessly aligned with her aspirations in entertainment journalism.
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Andira P. Chairuni

The more I explore, the more I understand that communication is the key to bringing layered world perspectives. My studies have allowed me to research various topics for assignments, interview sources from diverse backgrounds, and present projects in different formats, such as papers, presentations, and videos. Studying at BINUS University International convinced me that communication is what I want to pursue in the future. They provided me with the space to explore without fitting a certain standard, which paved the way for my postgraduate studies at King’s College London, UK, where I majored in Digital Culture and Society. My studies at BINUS University International, my study abroad experience, and my job as a journalist at the English digital broadcast channel SEA Today have provided me with an avenue to deepen my interest in the progress and challenges at the grassroots level. This interest was further developed through several bulletins I produced in South Papua about education and in South Kalimantan on child marriage.
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Timotius A. Tandra

Persevere, and you’ll see great results. The best part of graduating from BINUS University International is that I can apply what I've learned in the real world, making my education both practical and relevant. I know I'm learning from the best since the lecturers and faculty at BINUS University International are very supportive and provide excellent feedback. I credit them for my academic performance and the opportunities I've received beyond academics. From learning about copywriting and crafting communication strategies to understanding the relevance of implementing analytics in my work, I've gained skills that are great assets to kick-start my career as a communication professional. There were many times I doubted my ability to succeed, but remembering past challenges I overcame motivated me to keep going. The support system provided at BINUS University International played a crucial role in helping me persevere. Did I mention that there are numerous opportunities for students to engage in various activities that enhance both academic and personal growth? From competitions and joining student organizations to engaging in internships, I've found that I'm well-prepared for a career that aligns with my passion. Studying Communications at BINUS University International has offered me a well-rounded education that is both practical and versatile. The experiences and skills I've gained have prepared me for various career paths and helped me excel in my chosen field. Whether it's participating in competitions, joining student organizations, or engaging in internships, BINUS has ensured that I'm well-prepared for my future career.  
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Dimas Rangga

Living abroad has changes my perspective of seeing life I aspire to work in the lifestyle industry such as retail and the hospitality industry and hope one day I can open my own restaurant. As of now, I’m living in the moment and working my way up. My university career has taught me to be flexible in the routes I wish to take, and if you get lost, you just have to remember your way back. When I took the double degree program at Northumbria University in Newcastle, it was easily the highlight of my university life. As living abroad for the first time has changed my perspective in seeing my life, and it is that I can finally be myself since a long time. After graduating from Communication in PR major, I’m employed at Burson Cohn and Wolfe, a PR consultant based in NYC. Even though, my position is still  an intern here, the opportunity given to me has be amazing as I work with clients across multiple brands to help with their PR and branding through organising events, maintain social media accounts, and sustain good relations with our media partner is part of job desk.
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