Andira P. Chairuni

The more I explore, the more I understand that communication is the key to bringing layered world perspectives. My studies have allowed me to research various topics for assignments, interview sources from diverse backgrounds, and present projects in different formats, such as papers, presentations, and videos.

Studying at BINUS University International convinced me that communication is what I want to pursue in the future. They provided me with the space to explore without fitting a certain standard, which paved the way for my postgraduate studies at King’s College London, UK, where I majored in Digital Culture and Society.

My studies at BINUS University International, my study abroad experience, and my job as a journalist at the English digital broadcast channel SEA Today have provided me with an avenue to deepen my interest in the progress and challenges at the grassroots level. This interest was further developed through several bulletins I produced in South Papua about education and in South Kalimantan on child marriage.