Exploring the Development of Digital Banking in Indonesia with Binter’s Calling

Digital banking has been gaining popularity in Indonesia as the country transitions towards the digital 4.0 era and a cashless society. This development also has the potential to strengthen and integrate the banking ecosystem and create synergy with various aspects of individuals’ daily lives and industrial players.

To understand how all these aspects will benefit the Indonesian economy, BINUS International hosted a Binter’s Calling themed talk, “Digital Banking, the Ecosystem, and Its Synergy” on March 5, 2024, from 13:30 to 15:30 WIB in rooms 303 and 310 at  BINUS @Senayan, JWC Campus. The talk show invited a speaker from one of Indonesia’s most popular digital banks.

Digital Banking Trends in Indonesia

Data published by Katadata has shown that digital banking transactions in the country continue to increase from year to year. Referring to the source, the frequency of digital banking usage among the public has increased by 158% over five years, from 2018 to 2023. The value of these transactions is also significant, reaching Rp5.1 quadrillion per month as of August 2023, according to the same publication.

Several factors driving the popularity of digital banking in Indonesia include integration with other essential applications such as e-commerce and digital wallets, comprehensive features, and user-friendly interfaces. Furthermore, customers needn’t visit bank branches for payments, money transfers, and account management amid their hectic schedules.

The Purpose of Binter’s Calling: “Digital Banking, the Ecosystem, and Its Synergy”

To understand the evolving trend of digital banking following the latest technology, BINUS International invited Junedy Liu, Director of Strategy at SeaBank Indonesia, to speak at this event.

Following its theme, this talk show event discussed how the digital banking sector has evolved to meet market needs and current technological trends year after year, and the importance of building an integrated ecosystem for the community. During the previous GL session, students had the opportunity to learn how its business model operates, all the essential components of the digital banking ecosystem, the synergy of each element, and the strategies used by SeaBank to build their business success in Indonesia.

“SeaBank has overcome various challenges to promote digital banking usage in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. I am honored to share my insights and experiences with everyone present,” said Mr. Junedy when selected as a speaker for Binter’s Calling.

The Binter’s Calling talk show inviting Junedy Liu is one of the manifestations of the agreement between BINUS International and SeaBank since signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on March 2, 2024. The MoU signifies that BINUS International and SeaBank will collaborate to promote innovation and provide opportunities for BINUS University’s academic community to learn the intricacies of digital banking to be ready to enter the industry after graduation.

Contribution of BINUS University’s Finance International Program

In complementing the knowledge and experience of Binter’s Calling speakers who have long been involved in digital banking, BINUS International’s Finance International program offers advantages that will further prepare its students to work in this sector.

“The Finance International program offers many opportunities for students to gather knowledge and experience beyond the classroom,” said Valentina Tohang, SE., M.Buss (ERP), M.Buss (Acc), Head of the Finance International Program at BINUS University, about the advantages of its study program before continuing, “One of them is through Binter’s Calling, which provides them exposure and networking opportunities with industry players like Mr. Junedy.”

BINUS International realizes that learning in the classroom alone is not enough to produce professional and creative future leaders and entrepreneurs. They also need real-world experience and connections with experts to succeed. Therefore, the Finance International program curriculum combines theory and enrichment outside the classroom through talk shows with experts.