Students Exchange Orientation @BINUS Senayan

BINUS International Office hosted an orientation event @ Senayan Campus on September 5, 2023. This event was a part of the 2 days orientation program for 55 exchange students from 18 countries that will study in BINUS this semester. Hailing from diverse corners of the globe, including Lithuania, Finland, Brunei, the Russian Federation, Netherlands, France, Malaysia, Japan, Denmark, Romania, Korea, the United States, Sweden, Indonesia, Italy, Slovakia, and Poland, these students gathered for an immersive orientation program that aimed to acquaint them with both the university and life in Jakarta.

The event, held from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM in Rooms 403 – 405, served as an essential step in the journey of these international students into the world of BINUS University, providing them with invaluable insights and connections that would aid in their successful integration into the academic and cultural tapestry of Indonesia.

The orientation program was meticulously designed to achieve two primary objectives: acquainting exchange students with BINUS in general and familiarizing them with the academic system employed at the university. To this end, they were guided through the university’s history, its academic facilities, and the myriad resources available to support their educational journey.

Beyond the academic aspect, the orientation program recognized the importance of helping international students adapt to life in Jakarta. The bustling, dynamic capital of Indonesia can be a cultural shift for many, and understanding the local customs, traditions, and practicalities is crucial. As such, the students were introduced to the basics of Jakarta living, encompassing local cuisines, transportation systems, and cultural norms.

Furthermore, BINUS University provided support services for international students, including information on visa regulations, health services, and emergency contacts, ensuring a smooth transition into their new academic and cultural environment.

As these 55 exchange students embark on their academic journeye at BINUS University, they carry with them not only their dreams and aspirations but also the rich tapestry of cultures and experiences from their home countries. The university looks forward to nurturing their growth, fostering global connections, and shaping them into future leaders who will contribute positively to our interconnected world.