Millennials and Their Contribution to the New Era of Industry

Time is running and the era is constantly changing. The industry is now facing a new era of talent which the millennials will inevitably take the roles and responsibilities of the previous generation. This circumstance is well-realized by Felicia Solihin from Femina Group and Ribut Karyono from Biznet Networks.

Felicia Solihin, the Human Resource Manager of Femina Group, said that there are several reasons of why the millennials matter. First, the millenials, who born between 1980 until 2000, are in vast number and already enter the company. Therefore, millennials are critical to the future of business.

Another reason is their affinity with the digital world. The millennials have grown up with broadband, smartphones, various gadgets, and social media which provide them with instant information. “Furthermore, their behavior is colored by their experience of the global economic crisis,” said Felicia during the Industry Gathering: Unlocking Talent Development that was held on Thursday, December 22nd, 2016, at BINUS FX Campus, Senayan, Jakarta.

According to Felicia, there are some major differences between the millenials and the previous generation, especially in core values and attitude towards work and life. Compared to their predecessors, the millennials’ core values are stressed on assurance, simplicity, efficiency, and humanity. They also want to integrate their working and leisure time.

The industry must be open to these differences and cannot linger on the old culture forever because the changes are inevitable. “We are now in a new era of talent. In 2020, 50 percent of our workforce will be millennials,” she added.

As an addition, Felicia also said that in order to be able to contribute and enter the industry, especially medias like Femina, the millennials must have “the eight crucial points to be great”. The eight points are passion, hard work, focus, push/support, ideas, willingness to improve, willingness to serve, and persistence.

Meanwhile, Ribut Karyono, the Human Resource Manager of Biznet Networks, said that the millennials are young people who love challenges, fast, and ambitious. Hence, he and the company always try to change and be more adaptive because there certainly are some cultural and values gap between the millennials and the previous generation.

However, Ribut also gave a piece of advice to the youngsters. He said that the millennials need to improve themselves and give the best result. “Be outstanding. Do your very best to fulfill your responsibilities,” Ribut said.

About BINUS Industry Gathering

BINUS Industry Gathering is a yearly event held in collaboration among BINUS CAREER, Global Employability and Entrepreneurship (GEEC) BINUS Alam Sutera, Student, Alumni, and Global Employability (SAGE) JWC Campus, and BINUS Graduate Program. The event is a medium for BINUS’ graduates users from industry to discuss as well and share their experience and information about current industry issues, especially in Human Resource.

This year, BINUS invited two guest speakers for the talk show – Felicia Solihin from Femina Group and Ribut Karyono from Biznet Networks. The guest speakers were invited to share their knowledge, experience, and information about their own respective companies.

BINUS Industry Gathering: Unlocking Talent Development also awarded the companies that cooperated with BINUS and helped BINUS in graduates recruitment, internship programs, and career preparation seminar/workshop during 2016:

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2. Most Engaging Company for 3+1 Program 2016

Sinarmas Land

3. Most Hiring Company 2016


4. Most Engaging Company for Career Development 2016

MNC Bank

5. Most Dedicated Person 2016

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1. The Most Engaged Company 2016

The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC)

2. The Most Dedicated Company 2016

Ernst & Young Indonesia (EY)