Prospective Career of the Graduates

1.   Graphic Designer 2.   Publication Design 3.   Branding Consultant 4.   Illustrator 5.   Photographer 6.   Web Designer 7.   Television and Broadcast Studio Employee 8.   Corporate & Retail Industry 9.   Government Institution 10. Multimedia Designer 11. Motion Designer 12. UI/UX Designer 13. Game Artist  
  • Sarjana Desain from BINUS UNIVERSITY with a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) from Northumbria University at New Castle, England.
Major and Streaming
Streaming Degree Partner
Single Title Double Title
Graphic Design (3+1 NU) S.Ds. & BA (Hons). Northumbria
Interactive Digital Media (3+1 NU) S.Ds. & BA (Hons). Northumbria
Graphic Design (Dual Award) S.Ds. & BA (Hons). Northumbria
Interactive Digital Media (Dual Award) S.Ds. & BA (Hons). Northumbria
Title: S.Ds. (Sarjana Desain)             BA (Bachelor of Arts (Honours)) Graphic Design (3+1 NU) & Interactive Digital Media (3+1 NU) In cooperation with Northumbria University, this program is designed to provide students with knowledge and practical skills to solve real world problems using design techniques. The students have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and experiences by studying abroad at Northumbria University in the U.K. in their last year of study. The students who take this program will receive both Sarjana and Bachelor of Arts degrees upon completing their study. Both the Graphic Design and Interactive Digital Media streams will undertake a Graphic Design Major at Northumbria University. Graphic Design (Dual Awards) & Interactive Digital Media (Dual Awards) In cooperation with Northumbria University, this program provides students with knowledge as well as practical and creative skills in graphic design and/or interactive media. Students who would like to pursue careers in the rapidly expanding design culture are ideal for this program.