Graphic Design and New Media is a collaborative effort between BINUS UNIVERSITY International Program and Northumbria University, Newcastle, U.K. It aspires to become the best design school in the region. Indonesia and ASEAN are currently among the fastest growing regions in the world; and with that fast growth, we see a need for skilled professionals who can solve problems through design.

The Graphic Design and New Media Program offers a variety of opportunities in creative industry areas. It is for any student who wants to enhance their creativity and knowledge in the challenging competition of professional designers and the global creative industry. It is a four-year study program, during which the foundation courses in art and design are offered in the first-year program. In the following three years, specific courses are provided to enhance students’ skills in creative product development. Students will learn how to integrate technical skills and theoretical knowledge in art and design to meet industry standards.

Graphic Design and New Media offers two streams: Graphic Design and Interactive Digital Media. Graphic Design works within the area of visual creation, in printed media to the more current basic interactive media. Graphic Design explores the possibilities of crafting typography, imagery, and technology in cohesive and bold ways into various design applications. Ranging from identity design, branding, campaign, packaging, publications, etc., Interactive Digital Media streaming integrates the skills of visual design, experience design, and new media design. Interactive Digital Media is more focused on producing meaningful experiences for people in new digital media such as web pages, smart phones, UI devices, and screen-based interface designs. Within four years, our students will have had a lot of experience in learning and practicing producing their own projects that will be related to the current digital design industry development.

Program Objectives

  1. To provide graduates with a global mindset who have Visual Communication Design knowledge that carries the values of local wisdom, technology, and entrepreneurship so that they are able to work and be accepted by the creative industry, society and the nation through the application of knowledge that is utilized with communication and information technology.
  2. To provide graduates with leadership, management, and professional ethics and skills to be able to work globally.
  3. To provide graduates with an international experience embedded within the learning system.

Student Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this 4-year program, students are:

  1. Able to create printed and digital Visual Communication Design (VCD) works that have added values and aesthetics to overcome problems of identity, mass communication, and competition faced by stakeholders.
  2. Able to conduct research and idea exploration to set the objectives, communication targets, and Visual Communication Design (VCD) prototype solutions that can overcome problems of identity, mass communication, and competition by considering the ethical, historical, and cultural aspects, as well as social consequences, regulations, and technology.
  3. Able to analyze the efficiency of material utilization and time in the production process of each selected Visual Communication Design (VCD) alternative solution prototype without changing the essence and aesthetic design.
  4. Able to apply the soft skills needed in visual communication design to meet with the international demand and global competition.

Prospective Career of the Graduates

1.   Graphic Designer

2.   Publication Design

3.   Branding Consultant

4.   Illustrator

5.   Photographer

6.   Web Designer

7.   Television and Broadcast Studio Employee

8.   Corporate & Retail Industry

9.   Government Institution

10. Multimedia Designer

11. Motion Designer

12. UI/UX Designer

13. Game Artist



  • Sarjana Desain from BINUS UNIVERSITY with a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) from Northumbria University at New Castle, England.