We couldn’t be prouder of our amazing students who absolutely rocked their thesis defense presentations! Their passion, creativity, and dedication were on full display as they showcased their brilliant ideas and innovative designs.

The graphic design students wowed us all with their mesmerizing use of colors, shapes, and visual storytelling. Each presentation was a masterclass in creativity.

And the interactive design media students blew us away with their cutting-edge projects that combined technology and storytelling in ways we’ve never seen before. The future of interactive media looks brighter than ever with these talented minds leading the way!
We are grateful to our esteemed panel of professors and industry experts who recognized the exceptional talent and hard work put into these projects. Their insightful questions and valuable feedback pushed our students to reach even greater heights!

Congratulations to our graduates! You’ve proven your skills and inspired all of us with your passion for design and dedication to your craft. We can’t wait to see your incredible impact on the design world!