Gold Award
“SOUND BRICK” Agnes Filica Giovinna (Indonesia)

Concept Description: SOUND BRICK is a wall made of foam, that absorbs sound waves and converts them into electrical energy to diminish the use of fossil fuels. Compared to solar panels and wind turbines, it doesn’t require as much maintenance, materials, and a huge land to function. People can install SOUND BRICK in their homes or offices and enjoy their electricity in a renewable-friendly way.


Profile: Agnes Filica Giovinna is a student from BINUS International, GDNM, Interactive Digital Media . As someone who was raised in Indonesia while being familiar with both Asian and Western influences — she is a graphic designer of logical and imaginative caliber. Today, she sees herself as a designer of many shapes and colors.

Comment from Judge: (La Myra Bening) The concept is quite clear and well-presented, and the design process is explained clearly. (Takuma Iwasa) It is a very interesting concept and would have significant impact if it could be realized.

newslink Global Design Competition “Future Design Challenge” Gold Award Goes to “SOUND BRICK” by Agnes Filica Giovinna of Indonesia | i-PRO Newsroom