On March 23rd 2023, Graphic Design & New Media (GDNM) students of Binus International University have the occasion to visit a Printing Studio in Condet – Jakarta Timur called Rumah Cetak Balekembang. The owner, Sir RW. Mulyadi is a Maestro Graphic Artist & Printmaker. He produced innumerous amount of amazing artworks & even invented a printing technique – etching on plexiglass, that world widely accepted & being used by many printmakers all over the world.

On this occasion GDNM students visit Sir RW. Mulyadi to learn more about various manual printing printing technique directly from the expert. Printing technique such as etching aquatint on copper & etching on plexiglass, wood cut & lino cut. Unfortunately they didn’t have the time to actually experience the process themselves, but Sir RW Mulyadi explaination was very thorough & detail.

At last before they leave, they visit the gallery where Sir RW. Mulyadi exhibits his latest & finest artworks. GDNM student have this chance to explore all of Sir RW. Mulyadi artworks, throwing many question on how certain artworks were made. Eventhough Graphic Designers nowadays are more exposed to digital works, but they should at least know how manual printing is done & what kind of material are suitable for their works. This site visit to Rumah Cetak Balekembang is truly an invaluable experience for the students.