BINUS International Content Lab. offering Professional and Community Services in the Spirit of Fostering and Empowering the Nation

The Communications program of BINUS University International is initiating the establishment of BINUS International Content Lab. (BICL). BICL is a platform for lecturers and students of the Communications Program and other programs under the School of Computing and Creative Arts to run professional services and community services.

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The primary aim of BICL is to provide professional and/or voluntary training and coaching to business players, corporations, organizations, and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the fields of communications, content production, and digital marketing.

Tight and unlimited business competition and dynamic changes in digital behavior encourage business people and professional workers to master digital business and communication skills. For this reason, BICL attends to train and empower professionals and community members to compete strongly in the society 5.0 environment.

The BICL program offers 4 types of capacity-building activities, including:

  1. Training
  2. Workshop
  3. Coaching
  4. Seminar

The topics for such activities include, but are not limited to, Public Speaking, Copywriting, Storytelling, Content Creation, Content Marketing, Fact-checking, Graphic Design, SEO-based writing, and Crisis Communication.

BICL offers two schemes of services.

1. Professional services

BICL’s professional services products include employee training and coaching designed to meet various business and professional needs in various industries. These products offer training, workshops, executive coaching, and talent development aimed at improving employee and organizational performance.

For this scheme, BICL and partner organizations/institutions work together professionally, with BICL invited as a trainer, coach, or speaker at the partner’s employee capacity-building program. The program can be a one-time activity or a series on mutually agreed-upon topics.

2. Community services

BICL’s community service portfolio positively impacts and empowers individuals in local and global communities, especially SMEs. Through various initiatives, including workshops, seminars, and coaching programs, we strive to encourage the development of digitally-based sustainable communities.

This scheme allows BICL and partners (individuals or communities) to work together independently. The individual or community becomes the target community for community service activities for personnel, members, and students under BICL. These programs take the form of one-time or series of activities, and topics are determined by BICL.

Here is the picture gallery showing our past activities.

Poster of BINUS International Content Lab. Series #1 - TikTok 360-2
Poster of BINUS International Content Lab. Series #1 – TikTok 360

Picture of one of the workshop facilitators
Ms. Lily El Ferawati as one of the facilitators in the workshop

group pictures of participants and speakers of BICL series #1
BICL Series #1 TikTok 360

Group picture of the participants of BICL series #1
BICL series #1 TikTok 360

The poster of Pelatihan Storytelling, Video Pendek & Fotografi untuk Konten Kesehatan
The poster of Pelatihan Storytelling, Video Pendek & Fotografi untuk Konten Kesehatan

The poster for online workshop on "Membuat Konten yang Bercerita dengan Fotografi dan Video Pendek"
The poster for online workshop on “Membuat Konten yang Bercerita dengan Fotografi dan Video Pendek”

Group pictures of participants and the speaker
Pelatihan Penggunaan Media dalam Mempromosikan Pesan Kesehatan

Group picture of the participants and facilitators
Workshop Copywriting dan Desain Grafis bersama PT. Pegadaian

For collaboration or invitation, please write to

BINUS University is committed to providing community services by providing training, coaching, and workshops for community members to learn today’s on-demand skills. This activity serves to achieve Sustainable Development Goal #4 Quality Education, providing lifelong learning opportunities for the target community members.


Lily El Ferawati