“Immortal” Marks The 3rd Appearance of Pinky Walrus

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April 20, 2019.



Tebet, Jakarta. Pinky Walrus, a new and upcoming alternative psychedelic pop band made their 3rd appearance in an art performing event called “IMMORTAL” presented and organized by Sahid University’s Communication Student, organized as, Kertas Nasi (Kreatifitas Anak Komunikasi.) A two days event that was held on the 18th and 20th of April in Sahid University, Tebet. By Carlo Louise


“IMMORTAL” – MUDA BEDA BERKARYA, is an event held with the objective of encouraging young adults to express to each, their own creativity. Each day of the event was held with different purposes. The first day of the event which took place at 1PM to 3PM was held for a seminar, with Diaz Danar, a content creator and radio announcer for 98.7 Gen FM as the guess speaker. The topic for the seminar was “How to start branding yourself with a good content.” Meanwhile, the second day of the event which opens at 4PM to 10PM was held on the 20th of April was focused mainly for creative expression through music. The event was enlightened by music performances by bands such as, PULP FICTION, TRESFIDUCIA, LYCN, SERUDJA, MOTHDIES, SEX MENGESEX and PINKY WALRUS. The event was made free of charge in regards to the entry fee and is sponsored by Tokopedia, along with Frosh FM, B Voice Radio, Moestopo Radio, Info Pensi, Seputar Event, and Eventbanget as the Media Partner.


This event marks the 3rd live performance for Pinky Walrus after releasing their first single album called, “Other Side” which can be found through Online Digital Music Platform such as, Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. Their first single comes with a purpose when writing the music, which is to break the stigma regarding society’s perspective towards love. However, at the same time Pinky Walrus welcomes their listeners to have a different interpretation and meaning regarding the lyrics behind the music. “This song does not always have to be associated with love in general, which is between a man and a woman,” says, Kevin. With only less than a year of experience as together, Pinky Walrus, that originates from Jakarta is already looking forward to releasing their second single, named, “Delusion Love,” as well as a debut EP (Extended Play) which both will be done in a gradual manner.

In this event we got the chance to sit and talk with Kevin Valeryan, the writer and producer for Pinky Walrus, to get more insights regarding the origin of the band along with their vision, mission and goals for the future, as well as, the current state of Indie Music Industry in Indonesia.


Pinky Walrus is not just a band that is out to make revenue through music by following the trends. The strong and unique characteristic of this band has a mission of bringing social awareness to the society that comes in many different aspects such as romantic cliché or the daily life struggles in the form of music. Be sure to check out, Pinky Walrus through their Instagram Page @Pinkywalrus and Music through Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.



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