Here at BINUS INTERNATIONAL, you will spend the days of your study along with your friends in a conducive, city campus environment. Here are glimpses of what you’ll experience here as a student :

Focused Learning

We prioritize the need of each and every student for a more focused learning process. Each class has limited seats to ensure that every student receives the utmost attention from their lecturers. Fewer students in class means that there is a sense of closeness between the lecturer and the students, thus enhancing the learning experience.

Activities Galore

You’ll never run out of things to do at BINUS INTERNATIONAL. There are various kinds of clubs run by the students, each with its own engaging activities. Avid readers will enjoy the library’s collection of books, while more sociable personalities can chill in the student lounge, mingle with fellow Binusians, or enjoy a game of ping pong with students or lecturers.

Student Support

Students don’t need to worry over things that might distract them from focusing fully on their studies because BINUS INTERNATIONAL provides support services such as the Student Service Desk, the Students and Alumni Relations, and the English Language Services. Students can expect academic and non-academic support services during and after completion of their programs at BINUS INTERNATIONAL

Location and Access

BINUS INTERNATIONAL is located in the Senayan area, the center of business and entertainment for South Jakarta which means that there are various ways for everyone to get there. For those who prefer to travel in their own vehicle, the two main roads of Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Asia Afrika lead directly to the campus area.

Those who are a bit more adventurous could take Jakarta’s signature public transport, the TransJakarta. There are stations located in most areas in Jakarta, so you could practically get to BINUS INTERNATIONAL from almost anywhere in the Jakarta area and get off at Ratu Plaza, which is only a short walk  from the campus.

Moreover, the campus is easily reachable from other BINUS institutions and facilities such as the  BINUS SQUARE Hall of Residence. This means you can expand your network and make friends not only with people from BINUS INTERNATIONAL, but also with other students from other BINUS institutions.