InHolland University

InHolland University of Applied Sciences is an ambitious institution of higher education in the western part of the Netherlands. Its vibrant learning and working community is ideally suited to students who are keen to develop their theoretical knowledge as well as their practical skills. Offering competence-based learning, Inholland University of Applied Sciences is professionally involved with the student, the market and society as a whole.

In order to develop the quality of all higher education programs offered by Inholland it has many strategic cooperation agreements with educational institutions both within the Netherlands and with more than 60 universities and higher education institutions abroad. The campus sites all have excellent ICT facilities and state-of-the-art purpose built accommodation. A large number of lectors conduct applied research in a range of fields.
An increasing number of Inholland graduates are now working for international organisations. The best way to prepare students for their future careers in such an international environment is to familiarise them with it during their degree programme. Every year some 450 Inholland students go on an exchange to one of the 60 universities we have cooperation agreements with. Another 450 foreign students are warmly welcomed on their exchange at Inholland.

But internationalisation at Inholland is much more than that. Where possible, an international dimension is added to the content of the degree programs offered by Inholland. Working together with institutions and organisations in more than 35 countries is a crucial element of this internationalisation process.

The number of students with foreign secondary education qualifications enrolling at Inholland ranges from 2% to 18% depending on the subject of the degree program.

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