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(Tito Imanda is currently taking sabbatical leave to finish his PhD at the University of Goldsmith, UK)

MA, Media, Culture and Communication, New York University (2007), by Fulbright scholarship.

BA, Anthropology, Universitas Indonesia (2000).

After finishing his master’s thesis on the Indonesian film industry, Tito Imanda got involved in different activism for better political conditions surrounding the Indonesian cinema, as well as being a constant participant of biannual ASEAC (Association of Southeast Asian Cinema) conferences. He had been involved in different documentaries and television program productions, among others being the scriptwriter of quiz show Gol Gol Gol (1995), the producer for the reproduction of Si Unyil (RCTI, 2002), and a short spell as video journalist at Voice of America (2006). Today, between teaching and management duties, he works on his personal film projects in Central Java.

Academic Publications

“Islamic Cinema in Indonesia: God Words Using Market or the Other Way Aroud?”, in “Southeast Asian Independent Cinema”, edited by Tilman Baumgärtel, published by Hong Kong University Press, 2012.

“Tantangan Kajian Kesenian Kontemporer: Ruang Publik, Pasar, dan Kekuasaan” (Challenges of the Studies in Contemporary Art: Public Sphere, Market, and Authority), in the Antropology Indonesia Journal vol. 33 No 1 2012.

 “Menerapkan Pendidikan Melek Media dalam Kurikulum Kita” (Applying Media Literacy in Our Curriculum), in Nadwa Journal, Semarang, Indonesia, May 2008 edition.

 “Si Unyil Anak Indonesia” (“Si Unyil, Typical Indonesian Children?”), in Antropologi Indonesia journal, 75/2004.

“Komik Indonesia itu Maju” (“Indonesian Comic is Advance”), in Antropologi Indonesia journal 69/2002.

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