What our alumni says.

COIL Project Testimony

Over the past three months (March – June 2022), our students who are taking Managerial Accounting course in this semester participated in a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) project. This project aims to unite students in two (or more) countries to enhance understanding of working in global virtual teams and development of intercultural skills. Students are required to work in international teams and to collaborate on assigned tasks. We asked our students to have a say on their experience in this project. Overall, they are pleased to have the opportunity to work with students from different backgrounds and nationalities. In addition, this project also hones their teamwork and communication skills. Below are the testimonies from several of our students about their experience in the project: I can learn how to work in group environment that is difference from what I used to handle…. Help me to learn how to communicate better…. Teach us to convey our different ideas and discussing together…. I have received the same opportunity as those who study overseas…. I was encouraged to be brave, communicate effectively, and provide feedback…. I learn to communicate with different types of people…. Improves my soft skill and my English…. They push me to be responsible…. I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by a variety of cultures…. Working and collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds improved my teamwork and communication abilities, that allows me to become a stronger team player…. Effective and timely problem-solving is one of the most essential collaborative benefits when making this project…. The positive aspects that I experience during this international project are the networking aspects and working together aspects…. I learned how different their work processes and was able to experience it myself…. Allows me to get more experience working with people from other countries…. I have learned to understand the significance of allocating different responsibilities…. This project makes group work more interesting…. I learned to be more professional….
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Working Across Borders Testimony

We are very proud of our students from Binusian 2022, Aurelia Rachel Santoso and Daisy Deria Florencia, who participated in Working Across Borders project and won two awards! Below is their testimony on participating in the project.   This semester, we had an opportunity to participate in the Working Across Borders (WAB) project, and here are some of our experience and thoughts about it. The WAB program was a one and a half month long project that was held in an international manner. We had the pleasure of meeting new people from ten different universities from around the world, and got the chance to team up with some of them to create an amazing and interactive project. For the project itself, our task was to ultimately create a video about our client, Seventh Generation. Each group was assigned a specific country to focus on, and we were assigned Thailand. In the video, we had to propose a sustainable business idea for Seventh Generation. To do so, we had to analyze our assigned country, analyze Seventh Generation, as well as looking for areas of improvements. Our team, which we named “Bersatu”, consisted of us, two others from Belgium, and another from Canada. It was such a pleasure to work with them, since they were very cooperative, communicative, and everyone were equally as enthusiastic about the project. We even ended the project happily by winning two awards, which are for the best video award, and the highest scoring award. From this experience, we definitely learned how to interact with people from different parts of the world, how to work on big projects through online means, and how important good communication was. Not only that, we got to expand our network, meet cool people, and made new friends along the way! Due to the unfortunate global pandemic however, we had to do everything online. Since we were all spread around the world, the time-zone differences were huge. For example, in our team, the time-zone difference between Jakarta and Belgium was 6 hours, and if u think that is bad, the time-zone difference between Jakarta and Toronto, Canada was 12 hours. This caused major difficulties for us to set appropriate times for everyone in the team to do our weekly meetings. Still though, to make it work, we normally had our meetings at 10 or 11 pm at night, here in Jakarta. For future WAB participants, we would like to remind you that it’s not as scary as it may seem at first. It’s a wonderful and fun experience actually. Just be sure to focus on your tasks, be respectful of one another, and try as best as you can to create an effective working environment. And most importantly, just have fun and enjoy the process! Also, note that your coach is there to help! PS, check your emails and check Toledo for project updates, be sure to not miss anything!
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Academic Advisory Testimony

As faculty members of the program, we are always inspired to support our students in pursuing their study journey. As part of our support, we provide academic advisory to each of our students from beginning until graduation. Below are testimonies from some of our students regarding their academic advisory experiences: “With the help of my academic advisory lecturer, I was able to maintain my high motivation of learning in BINUS International University that mostly was hard for me during my first and second year of study. Nonetheless, the lecturers have guided me to study more that resulted a great result which is worth it  to spend my time studying all this time.” Oshberg Forestter – IAF 2021   “Academic advisory aids a lot in achieving my academic goals. My advisor, Ibu Valentina constantly guides me in overcoming academic challenges and to realize my true potential. In addition to that, she assists me in choosing courses that are in line with my interests and career aspirations. I am very grateful to have an advisor who is willing to go the extra mile for her students.” Nathania Lucky – IAF 2021   “The academic advisory lecturer is very beneficial in my opinion, because we students are able to get useful insights regarding our future studies and career pathways. All our lecturers are professionals in their work and so we students are able to listen to firsthand experience that can help us in deciding what to do in the future.” William Tjandra – IAF 2021   “Academic advisory has helped me alleviate my problems that I experience academically and non academically.” Shania Hidajat – IAF 2021   “My personal academic advisor has helped me altering value in myself as one person, especially in discovering who I am, my passion, my way of thinking. Nevertheless, I guess almost every lecturers in uni play roles as advisors as well. I can say that students in Binus can always seek help at all times in terms of academic as well as for personal guidance—in which both mentioned are very crucial in our youth.” Jessie Daniel – IAF 2021
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